School District #308

Serving all of Oswego and parts of Aurora, Joliet, Montgomery, Plainfield and Yorkville

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The Teaching and Learning Department works to provide all District 308 students the needed building blocks for college and career readiness. Our role is to advance the district’s mission, in partnership with our families and communities, to educate all students to reach their highest potential.

We look forward to assisting you with your students’ needs.

Please use the “Program Directory” in the left-hand margin to locate more information on specific topics within the Teaching and Learning Department.

Dr. Lisa Smith
Executive Director for Teaching and Learning
Cindi Krachtus
Executive Assistant
(630) 636-3672
Andrea Wiaduch
Grant Coordinator
(630) 636-3096
Support Staff:
Katie VanWetering
Secretary to Assessments, Data and Accountability Department
(630) 636-3677
Paola Lares Luna
Secretary to EL Department
(630) 636-3684
Alma Binkowski
Bilingual Parent Outreach
(630) 636-3689
Teaching & Learning
Teaching and Learning Team Members 
Melissa McDowell
Director of Elementary Education
(630) 636-3097
Jamie Max
Executive Director of Secondary Education
(630) 636-3668
Julie Lam
Assistant Director of Secondary Education
(630) 636-3481
Susan McDougall
Assistant Director of Gifted Education
(630) 636-3676
Dr. Brenda M. Dixon
Director of Assessments, Data and Accountability
(630) 636-3086
Lisa Stark
Coordinator of Assessments, Data and Accountability
(630) 636-4371
Dr. Heidi Podjasek
Director of Professional Development
(630) 636-3667
Eric Watt
Assistant Director of Professional Development
(630) 636-3673
Mary Geraghty
Director of Special Education
(630) 636-3484
Kristen Bonie
Assistant Director of Elementary Special Education
(630) 636-4370
Joe Hoffman
Assistant Director of Secondary Special Education
(630) 636-4634
Theresa Ulrich
Director of English Learners
(630) 636-3694
Allen Clasen
Director of Technology
(630) 636-3950
Mission Statement: In partnership with our families and communities, Community Unit School District 308 will educate all students to reach their highest potential Questions or Feedback?