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Dear Prairie Point Families:

As an administrator, I continue to be impressed with the growing ways that educators are able to integrate technology into instruction to provide unique learning opportunities for all of our students. I have also noticed, over the past several years, that more and more students have access to technology outside of the school. Many of our students have iPads, laptops and Chromebooks at home. I have also noticed that younger and younger students have cell phones with access to the internet. I am thrilled with the digital citizenship lessons that we are teaching our students, but often wonder what more we can do to support our parents as students are logging in at home, searching the internet and using social media.

On Tuesday, November 15th from 6:30pm – 7:30pm, we are happy present a special parent program through Act on Bullying called “The Digital Age: Is My Child Ready” at Prairie Point Elementary School.

A few years back Officer Jeff Bean presented to our school community about cyberbullying. Not only did Officer Bean enlighten and teach our parents the latest in technology and apps, he also offered support and guidance to our school parents.

The presentation will include:

·         Creating awareness of what kids are really doing when they are on social networking sites, using their phones, and gaming online.

·         Officer Bean is active on social networking sites and is monitoring kids online on a regular basis. This presentation takes an inside look at kids' online behavior, and shows parents what our children are saying and doing in the cyber world.

·         This seminar also provides up to date, research-based information from teens on the topics of cyber-bullying, bullying, social networking and cell phone use.

·         Officer Bean also discusses current Illinois state laws on bullying, and offers solutions and prevention ideas for parents.


While this presentation is geared toward parents with students who have access to the internet, participate in online gaming or are on social media, the material and information is outstanding for any parent. I hope that you are able to join us. Please use the link below to learn more about this presentation and to RSVP.

I hope to see you on Tuesday evening.


Dr. Jennifer Groves



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