Community Unit School District 308

Serving all of Oswego and parts of Aurora, Joliet, Montgomery, Plainfield and Yorkville

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Dr. Wendt's Message

Dr. Matthew Wendt

I would like to welcome School District 308 parents, students and residents to the website for one of America’s most outstanding public schools. This website is intended to be used as the primary source for information and news about Community Unit School District 308. 

With an enrollment of over 18,000 students, School District 308 is the seventh largest public PreK-12 school district in Illinois. Our school system encompasses 68.8 square miles and educates students from all of Oswego, and portions of Aurora, Joliet, Montgomery, Plainfield and Yorkville. The school district operates on a $200 million budget and includes 22 schools. 

At a time when the economy remains somewhat stagnant across Illinois, School District 308 continues to grow. The district’s student enrollment has nearly doubled over the last ten years. The fact that more and more parents select School District 308 to educate their children makes it an exciting time to be a part of our school system.

I am in awe of our district’s tremendous faculty, staff and leadership team members. Our commitment and dedication to improving student achievement has begun to show fruition, including higher ACT scores and the groundbreaking opportunity for online and blended learning courses. I am honored to be leading a school district with a rich tradition of academic excellence and athletic achievements. Even with unparalleled growth, the school district has maintained an environment conducive to small learning communities focused on effective teacher instruction and improved student achievement.

As Superintendent of Schools, I join our Board of Education in the strong desire to improve student learning through effective, long-term strategic planning. Together, we acknowledge the unique support from our taxpayers and remain keenly aware of the complexity in leading a comprehensive educational system. We are grateful and appreciative for caring, loyal, and involved families and residents.

Let there be no mistake: the relentless pursuit of world-class teacher instruction and student achievement will be priority #1. Whether you are a citizen or a parent, please join us in that pursuit. If you are considering moving within our school district, I hope you consider the many advantages of School District 308.

If we can be of assistance, please contact a Board of Education member, an educational team member, or me via the information on this website.

We value your feedback on our new website. If you have any comments on the site or suggestions for improvement, visit our website feedback area to share your thoughts. 

Best regards, 

Dr. Matthew A. Wendt
Superintendent of Schools


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Mission Statement: In partnership with our families and communities, Community Unit School District 308 will educate all students to reach their highest potential Questions or Feedback?