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Advisory Committees

Equity and Teaching & Learning Advisory Committee

  • This advisory committee serves to support and promote the district's goals related to diversity, equity and inclusion.
  • The committee collaborates with district team members to support the processes that create an inclusive school community. Equity ensures all students benefit from access to quality instruction, learning resources, supports, and opportunities.
  • The committee advocates for centering equity in district policies, practices, curricula, resources and school culture.
  • This advisory committee will consider curriculum, staff development, student achievement and other similar topics to be recommended to the Board of Education.

Finance & Facilities Committee

  • This advisory committee considers district finances, operations and business practices that may be acted upon by the Board of Education.
  • This committee will address long-range planning for facilities and other elements of facility development and construction, including student enrollment planning and projection, building capacity and utilization, and district boundaries.

Policy Development & Legislative Committee

  • This advisory committee reviews policies and oversees annual review cycles of Board policies, including student handbooks, to be recommended to the Board of Education.
  • This committee will work together as advocates for the district to discuss significant legislative issues related to education and provide input on these initiatives. This information will be provided to the Board of Education in an effort to establish open and consistent communication between the district and local, state and national elected officials.
Committee Documents

Committee Documents