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New Website Information

New Website Information

SD 308 is in the process of launching a new websites for the district and all schools.  On this page you will find known issues, release notes, and website news articles outlining the progress of the website. Please be patient with us as SD 308 prepares for the best possible school year. 

Other System Changes

In addition to changing providers for the SD 308 website, we are also changing providers for mobile applications, communications, emergency management system, student information system, and atheltic resources. Each of these projects is a large undertaking with independent timelines and goals towards implimentation for the 2023-2024 school year.  

Known Website Issues

  • Staff Directory
    • Incorrect Individuals in Departments
    • Incorrect Information for Individuals
    • Missing Images
  • Mobile Display
    • Hard to read news articles that only display a few words of text for titles.
    • Objects that are too close to click on mobile devices.
    • Changes in layouts between the main homepage and subpages.
  • Accessbility
    • Screen readers processing headers out of order.
    • Expanded news article pages never ending.
    • Bad SD308 Icon at the bottom of District pages.
  • Calendars
    • Missing Calendars
    • Blank Calendars
  • Links and Documents
    • Broken links and/or documents that fail to load in adobe. 
    • Links endlessly opening in new windows instead of the same window when moving between the district and school sites. 
  • Email Links
    • When trying to email individuals you get a blocked button that does not work and/or displays a very odd linke to "javascript:ccms_O....."
  • Blank Pages or Missing Resources
    • Missing "Read More News" buttons for Department News Feeds.  
    • "District Resources" disappearing from school sites.
    • Visiting a page that takes you to an Error 403, 404, 504, 505, or other error code that doesn't look like 

Still have an issue?

If you still have an issue with a specific page, please click the "email webmaster" button at the very bottom of the website from that page or the page before the issue occurs.






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