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The News app is used to distribute articles, files, and links to different parts of the district website with the use of tags.  

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To add to Department News:
  • Log onto the Website at the top of the web page.
    User Options - Sign In
  • Visit

    Top of web page with breadcrumbs Home, Our District, District News and an Edit Page button on the right.
  • Click the "Edit" button in the top right of the page.
  • Click on the "gray pencil icon" on the District News App.
    Department News App with Icons
  • Click on "New" to add a new story.
    Department News Block with New and Sort Buttons
  • Enter a "Headline Title"
  • Add an "Accent Image"
    • Select File
    • Shared Images
    • Choose Folder (Icons-Shared, Departments, Icons-Standard)
    • Select Image
    • Continue
  • Select checkbox by "This Image is Decorative (Does not convey information)" or type in "Image Alt Text" describing the image.
  • Enter a "Start Date" in MM/DD/YY formula.
  • Optional: Enter an "End Date" in MM/DD/YY formula. This will automatically take your post offline. 
  • Select the "Current Content Type"
    • Article: Any typed content.
    • File: Any uploaded file.
    • Link: Anything posted online that you have a hyperlink address for. 
  • Optional: Enter "Teaser Text"
    • For all PDF Documents please note this here.
    • Any longer or subtext you need below the heading of your article.  
  • IMPORTANT: Add tags from the tag list with a coma between them. This will magically make your item appear in all of the correct places on the website.  Do not add new tags not listed below. 
    Espanol Tag: Please tag anything in Spanish as Espanol.
    Tags. Long description text from backend editor. Enter a comma separated list of tags for this headline. Empty text box.
  • Click "SAVE" button.

Tag List

  • Bids
  • Communications
  • Community
  • DEI
  • Ed Services
  • EL en Espanol
  • English Learner
  • Espanol
  • Food Services
  • Good News
  • Health Services
  • Operations
  • Parents
  • Public Notices
  • Registration
  • RFP
  • RFQ
  • SEL
  • Student Services
  • Technology