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DEI Members at Annual Meeting


How De We Do What We Do?

In an effort to remove barriers that inhibit student progress we:
  • Engage Families
  • Stimulate Collaborative Dialogue
  • Educate and Bring Awareness by Creating Learning Communities that Cultivate Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion within District 308

Our Values

To Respect: We honor differences and similarities in words and actions
To Engage: We actively participate in work and opportunities to learn
To Excel: We hold high expectations for all, are accountable for our commitments
and results, and persevere through challenges.
To Improve: We continually challenge self and others to grow

Why Serving Matters

  • I believe it is important to invest time in DEI committee work because it shows an investment in moving this district forward towards offering true educational equity for all students. Heather Moyer
  • Everything worth doing takes effort and time. If I truly want to live in a community with a school district where my children are embraced because of their differences, I need to help grow connections, feed understanding and put concrete changes into force. Toni Morgan
  • Investing time in the DEI Committee will empower members to address critical issue throughout the district/learning community. The impact will hopefully give a voice to the marginalized, undervalued, and underestimated. Marcus Lewis
  • It’s important to spend time, resources, and talent on “things” that are valuable to individuals and organizations. I heard it best said once that “People in America value what they spend their money on, but more so on what they spend their time on.” I truly value this work. Greg Baker
  • We live in one of the most diverse countries in the world. For a long time being different meant to have a disadvantage. Today this has changed. To be different is a tremendous advantage to have. However, we can’t just say it. We must act on it. I’m here in hopes to help make this district better. JC Reveles
  • I would like to be a part of the DEI Committee to help provide purpose, motivation and direction to the youth within the community. Sharing my experience and telling my story to inspire the youth within my reach to strive to be better. Ramon Ortiz


Jadon A Waller-Director of DEI & Family Engagement
Faith Dahlquist-Associate Superintendent for Educational Services
Toia Jones-Principal, Boulder Hill Elementary
Renee Sartore-Director, English Learners
Allison Anderson-District 308 AVID Co-Leader
Kristen Paul-Director of Social Emotional Learning
Drew Mundsinger-District 308 AVID Co-Leader
Daniel Stockhausen-Asst. Director of Special Education
Michelle Earley-Parent Educator & Early Outreach
Abella, Damaris-Parent, SD308 Policy Dev. Committee Oswego East HS., Plank JH, Hunt Club Elem
Amarah, Jan-Parent
Baez, Nancy-Parent Oswego East HS
Bankowski, Laura-Principal Oswego East HS
Barocio, Noe-Parent Hunt Club Elem
Barr, Charles-Social Worker The Wheatlands Elem
Boone, Elizabeth-Community Stakeholder
Boulrece, Kijuana-Parent Wolf's Crossing Elem; PEGS Officer
Brown, Davida-Parent Boulder Hill Elem
Buege, Ethan-Assistant Principal Long Beach Elem
Bugg, Edward-Alderman 9th Ward Aurora, IL
Calvillo, Diana-Parent, Special Education TA Boulder Hill Elem, Brokaw EC
Collier, Nirmeen-Community Stakeholder
Cortes, Emily-Parent Oswego East HS., Murphy JH, Grande Park Elem
Cox, Jacquiline-Parent Hunt Club Elem
Darnell, Margaret-Assistant Principal Oswego East HS
Diner, Elise-Parent Oswego East HS, Bednarcik JH
Dotson, Clarissa-Parent Long Beach Elem
Hampton, Pamela-District Substitute Teacher Parent, Plank JH
Harrell, Qiana-Assistant Principal Grande Park Elem
James, Stephanie-Community Stakeholder
Jordan , Lauran-Parent Boulder Hill Elem; Teacher D131
Jordan, Karen-Teacher Homestead Elem
King, Kandi-Adm. Asst. Technology District Administrative Center
Lewis, Marcus-Parent, Principal Oswego HS, Thompson JH
Meismer, Peter-Assistant Principal Hunt Club Elem
Miller, Fred-Retired Adm., D365
Miller, Gwen-Retired Principal, D131
Miller, Ken-Executive Dir. Human Resources District Administrative Center
Monn, Wendy-Parent, Teacher Grande Park, Murphy, Oswego East HS, Oswego HS
Moonus, Sheik-Parent
Morgan, Toni-Board Member, Parent Oswego HS
Moyer, Heather-Board Member, Parent Hunt Club Elem
Nichols, Jamil-Parent, Reading Specialist Plank JH
Norlin, Shavonne-Parent Thompson JH, Lakewood Creek Elem
Novo, Margarete-Parent
Omoni, Ayo-Parent Wolf's Crossing
Pipkin, Jacquelyn-Retired Social Worker D202
Ploger, Jared-Parent Plank
Rasberry, Leo-Parent Oswego East HS
Reveles, JC-Parent Hunt Club Elem
Risen, Anne-Coordinator, Special Educ DAC
Schuck, Allison-Parent Lakewood Creek Elem
Shah, Saima-Parent Oswego East HS
Sharp, Tania-Asst. Principal Oswego HS
Stovall, D. Simone-Parent Oswego East HS
Talton, Valerie-Community Stakeholder
Thomas, Shaunise-Parent, Teacher Lake Wood Creek Elem, Oswego HS
Tommer, Megan-Parent The Wheatlands Elem
Vargas, Eliseo-Parent Plank JH
Volpentesta, Ann-Social Worker Bednarcik Jr. High
Winkfield, Natalie-Community Stakeholder