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MAP showcased the district’s student voice efforts in a video TA Partners in Action!

DEI Core Team facilitated a full-day workshop providing a collaborative opportunity for students and adults to center student voices in the creation of systemic equitable practices.
District joined MAP Learning Network Cohort. Staff, building leadership and district will participate in virtual learning events focused on Culturally Responsive/Asset-based and Sustaining Practices.
Equity Board Advisory Committee Established. The work of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee (DEI) has been elevated to board advisory level. The new Equity Board Advisory Committee will consider the work around the DEI action committees for recommendation to the BOE.
DEI Coordinator status changed to full-time and includes increased leadership opportunities.
More than 450 high school staff and building administrators received CRT training.
Student Voice efforts showcased by State agencies highlighting equity.Illinois Association of School Boards (IASB) features students in webinar: Are You Listening? Promoting Equity Through Student Voice at the Board Table.
Oswego students participated in social justice march/rally sponsored by Alderman Bugg, Ward 9.
The superintendent releases a statement supporting students during national turmoil


Board of Education priority to advance DEI efforts to ensure that advantages of education are accessible to all students.
DEI Committee identifies multiple platforms for increasing opportunities to promote student voice.
Student Equity Ambassadors presented before BOE their takeaways from equity experiences in SY 2018-2019.
Cohort of forty high school students collaborated with twenty-one educators on ways of creating a socially just school community.
Eighteen student Equity Ambassadors presented to sixty educators at IGNITE 308. Students shared their IGNITE 2019 Students lived experiences inside and outside the classroom.
Twenty-three student Equity Ambassadors collaborated with Illinois State University Department of Psychology on ways to have effective equity conversations.
IGNITE 2019 Students


MAP partners facilitated in-district training of ECAP team to prepare for school visits.
DEI core team representatives attend workshop to inform the district’s plan to provide a platform for student voice around equity.
AVID Culturally Responsive Teaching workshop held. Over 150 district leaders, teachers and DEI members engaged in learning experiences aimed at validating the cultures of all students. 
MAP partnership extended to 2020 with additional goal to support district in increasing student engagement in equity efforts. 
BOE continue DEI as a priority. 
District Retreat held for over 100 school and district administrators with a focus on understanding the impact of implicit bias. 
ECAP data collection team visits 8 schools to observe evidence of equity through school walkthroughs, classroom observations and teacher interviews. Equity related data was collected from parents, staff and administrators through surveys.  
Twenty-one Equity Context Analysis Process (ECAP) Team participated in district equity needs assessment.


District signs two-year contract with MAP to enhance and advance goals in DEI plan.
MAP team meets with DEI core team to plan roll out.
DEI Core team attends workshop regarding having conversations with district stakeholders about equity issues.
MAP team facilitated to over 100 school/district leaders to build their understanding of educational equity at district administrator retreat.
DEI Core team attends two- day Equity Leadership Institute to understand their role as transformational leaders in the advancement of equity.
DEI Committee hosted “Unity in the Community” event at Prairiefest featuring an art installation created by the community.
BOE votes to make DEI a board priority.
DEI Committee adds 30 new members with diverse experiences to the newly named DEI Committee-at-Large. The now 50 members are a well-balanced representation of the district’s community.
Equity Contact Analysis Process (ECAP) team seated. 20 Members of DEI Committee-at-Large volunteered and trained to assess evidence of equity in schools through a data collection and observation.


BOE approves DEI Plan.
DEI Coordinator hired. 
District in talks with Midwest and Plains (MAP) Equity Assistance Center, a grant funded organization, who provides support and tools to make educational equity improvements to educational system.


Due to the economic downfall and diminished funding, new efforts on the equity were not undertaken. Valuable work, research and training up to this point was still evident and desire remained to do more.
In 2015, DDC re-established as Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Committee to draft plan to address barriers to student achievement


Diversity Action Team (DAT) members seated to develop action plans for Strategic Plan VI: “Develop and Implement Inclusive Plans that Capitalize on Benefits of our Diversity.”
KG facilitates diversity training with DDC, DAT and District Leadership.
KG presents audit findings and recommendations to Board of Education (BOE).


District Diversity Committee (DDC) seated due to changing student demographics and student population doubling from 7,800 in 2002 to 14,300.
Kaleidoscope Group (KG) was hired by SD 308 as a diversity consulting firm.
DDC collaborates with Oswego Education Association (OEA) to submit grant applications to National Education Association (NEA) for staff training to close the achievement gap. Grant was not awarded, but work towards equity continued.
Strategic Planning Summit is held. Student diversity is recommended as an additional strategy to Strategic Plan.
KG conducts cultural audits with groups across the district.
Superintendent Behlow pens article for The Loop, Oswego CUSD 308 newsletter, “Diversity: Opportunities and Challenges.”