Special Education

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    Core PurposeIn partnership with our families and communities, Community Unit School District 308 will educate all students to reach their highest potential.
    • All students are general education students first.
    • Special education is a service for students with an identified disability.
    • Special educators (including related service providers) utilize specialized instruction for the purpose of acquiring the necessary skills to master grade level standards.


  • News person saying that return to in-person has been delayed.  Chiron at bottom says that this does not affect current self c

    Parents of Junior High and High School Students in Special Education Self-Contained Programs: At the October 13th SD308 Board of Education meeting, the decision was made to delay the return to onsite learning for Junior High and High School students. Except for the students in self-contained programs who are currently coming onsite two days per week, all other students will return to in-person learning in January, 2021 rather than in December prior to the Winter Break.

    Please click here to visit the special education page to learn more about the Plan to Return to In-Person learning.

  • Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA)

    Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA) was passed by Congress to ensure all students with disabilities ages 3-21 would receive a free and appropriate public education to meet their individual and unique learning needs.


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    Legislation Update 
    (September 2019)

    At each annual IEP meeting, parents of students with IEPs whose children receive related services will receive a copy of the related service logs (minutes and type of service). Service logs are also available to parents at any time upon written request.

    The Special Education Referral Process

    If a parent has concerns about their child’s academic or social-emotional progress, as it relates to education, they should contact their child’s building administration. Please consult the following website for comprehensive information regarding the special education and response to intervention process:


    Procedures for Assuring the Implementation of Comprehensive Programming for Children with Disabilities

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