English Learners Department

  • Vision Statement

     The English Learners (EL) Department supports the district’s mission in assuring equal educational access for EL students. We recognize as a school community that we share the responsibility of ensuring that EL students develop linguistic and academic skills to become productive members of society. EL students participate in academically challenging programs that respect and build upon the unique cultural and linguistic attributes they bring to our learning community. We are committed to recruiting high quality and passionate EL licensed teachers who value diversity, advocate for EL students and their families, and seek current research on best practice EL instruction. We uphold high quality EL education through collaboration with parents, government, non-profit local and community agencies and organizations. 

    Mission Statement

    Our programs will:

    • Comply with state and federal laws
    • Educate EL students to the same standard of excellence as all other students
    • Function in cooperation with all other educational activities, not in isolation
    • Seek community input in order to benefit students, improve instruction and strengthen collaboration
    • Embrace, respect and build upon the unique cultural and linguistic characteristics that students and families bring to our school community
    • Ensure that our school community is informed about effective pedagogy and research on second language acquisition
    • Make a genuine effort to communicate with parents in a language they understand


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    Eulalia Valdez

    Director of English Learners


    (630) 636-3694


    Erin Gleason

    English Learners Literacy Specialist


    (630) 636-4368


    Sonia Barajas

    English Learners Screening and Placement Specialist


    (630) 636-4575


    Maureen Terwelp

    Oswego High School English Learners Coordinator


    (630) 636-2438


    Rebecca Killam 

    Oswego East High School English Learners Coordinator


    (630) 636-2314


    Alma Binkowski

    Bilingual Parent Outreach Liaison


    (630) 636-3689


    Paola Lares Luna 

    English Learners Department Secretary


    (630) 636-3684