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Oswego Community Unit School District 308 Board 

Dr. Andalib Khelghati, Superintendent of Schools 

Dr. Andalib Khelghati, Superintendent of Schools
Welcome to SD 308!
I am truly blessed to have the opportunity to lead this district, especially as we embark on an incredible journey toward lasting and meaningful change. 

When I first began learning about the Oswego area, I quickly realized the importance of community here, not in physical proximity, but through the ties of care, dedication, and the well-being of our future generations. While this district is over 68 square miles, the sense of belonging makes it feel like a close-knit and supportive family. 

I often point to the tradition of the African tribe called Masai, who greet each other with the phrase “Casserian Engeri,” which means “And how are the children?”. The importance this greeting places on future generations reminds me of why I and many other educators have dedicated our lives to teaching, leading, and inspiring young people. The future of our world is a result of what we invest in our children, establishing a stable community that is well and equipped with the tools necessary to thrive. 

The Board of Education in SD 308 is a group of leaders who have set forth a vision for a district in which every single student is given what they need to succeed. Through their support, we have developed a strategic direction, priorities, and actions to get us there. We recognize that there is a great deal of work to be done. We know that the rightful presence of every student isn’t yet a reality. However, we are being led by a Board, administration, and staff who are dedicated to our values of dignity, honor, humanization, integrity, collaboration, and respect, and through continued education and partnership, we will continually strive to improve.  

In SD 308, students are genuinely at the center of our work. Each decision that is made here is done so with the student's best interest in mind. Furthermore, we involve our students in designing programs and policies impacting their educational journey here. Our Board includes two high school Student Ambassadors who sit beside them to share the voice of students, a perspective often not heard when educational policies are set. 

Each day, when I get out to the classrooms across the 23 schools in our district, when I attend events and have the opportunity to see and hear from our students, I am so very proud, and I know that we are doing great things to give our students the best opportunities, experiences, and education.

Thank you to our teachers, staff, parents, and the Oswego-area community for your continued partnership to benefit our future generations. When asked, “And how are the children?” we can honestly say, “The children are well, the children are heard, the children are celebrated, and the children are loved.”  


Dr. Andalib Khelghati

As the superintendent of Oswego Community Unit School District 308, Dr. Khelghati hit the ground running. Within the first month, he had attended numerous meet-and-greet opportunities with parents, students, community leaders, staff members, and area citizens. In listening to the community, he brought forth six core values that describe the district now or are things the district strives to represent. Using the district’s mission, vision, and values, he has worked closely with the Board of Education and senior leadership to begin in-depth evaluations, feedback, and inquiry to understand the system today, locating opportunities for improvement, planning proactively for growth and greater student achievement, and positioning SD 308 as a trusted, sustainable and welcoming organization. 
Financial wellness was a priority for the Board when Dr. Khelghati arrived. With leadership changes and a deep analysis of budgeting and spending, the district is not borrowing through Tax Anticipation Warrants this year for the first time in decades. 
Deeply rooted in the pursuit of rightful presence, Dr. Khelghati has spearheaded policy and resource allocation to support equity work to provide all students the resources they need to be their best. Celebrating the diversity of so many cultures, backgrounds, and traditions is essential to Dr. Khelghati since it shines a light on the unique and beautiful story of SD 308. Students are always at the center of his work- ensuring their voices are heard. 
Determined to make a difference in the lives of children, Dr. Khelghati recently accepted an invitation from Aurora Mayor Richard Irving to serve on the Education Commission. Alongside several academic partners from the area, the Commission works in joint policy development, strategy development, and innovative approaches to the area’s educational service delivery system. 
Throughout his decades of educational experience, first as a teacher and then as a school and district administrator, Dr. Khelghati has demonstrated a commitment to creating equitable learning environments, enabling all children to excel and develop their full capacities.
Dr. Khelghati’s doctoral degree work from the University of Illinois at Chicago focused on understanding the transformative power of trust in instructional improvement.
As an African American who has lived in countries such as Togo, Israel, and Canada, Dr. Khelghati brings a unique local and global perspective to his work as an educator. He speaks three languages (English, French, Persian). This diverse cultural background allows him to connect with students, parents, and staff from different backgrounds, fostering unity and a sense of belonging within the educational institutions he leads.
Outside his work as an educational leader, Dr. Khelghati is also an artist and a painter. His paintings seek to express feelings of freedom, joy, and resolution, finding inspiration from nature, life, and history.
Dr. Khelghati is married and has two young sons, who remind him daily of the importance of providing exceptional educational opportunities for future generations. He is passionate and dedicated to fostering inclusivity, promoting social justice, and improving educational outcomes for all students.