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To promote district transparency and assist others who may have similar requests for information, District 308 responses to FOIA responses can be viewed below:


Date Request Received

Information Requested

Name of Requester 

Status/Date of Response 

Time to Complete in Hours 

15-48  11/24/15 Thompson Jr High - Scores Lauri Phillips 12/8/15 3
15-47 11/11/15 OHS Scoreboard Display David Scott 12/7/15 6
15-46 10/27/15 PARCC Testing Kylie Spahn 11/3/15 4
15-45 10/26/15 Collective bargaining agreement for paraprofessionals. Laura Mihalu 11/9/15 6
15-44 10/26/15  Latest Trash Hauling Bid and Results. Tyler Weber - Advanced Disposal 11/9/15
15-43 10/20/15 Documents related to the district's policies and practices relating to transgender & gender non-conforming students; if district schools have a student organization devoted to LGBTQ issues, including but not limited to a Gay Straight Alliance; sexual health education courses information  for grades K thru 12; instruction on disability history, people with disabilities and the disability rights movement; policies or practices relating to bullying, harassment, discrimination limited to Jan 1 2013 to present; computer program or software that the district uses to track student records plus contracts; district's policy on the maintenance of discipline including the use of isolated time out or physical restraint; list of all textbooks used in the district to satisfy the goals of the Ill Learning Standards. Owen Daniel-McCarter - Ill Safe School Alliance 12/17/15 11
15-42 10/13/15 Various Documents:  Collective Bargaining Agreements; Administrative Contracts; Budget Info. (2015-2016); Legal Settlements (Jan 1, 2014 to present); Payroll Information. Patrick McCraney - BetterGov 11/9/15 9
15-40 11/23/15  Documents detailing the expenses itemized on a revised expense list including invoices and receipts. Sarah Freishtat - Beacon News 1/7/16 152
15-39 9/21/15 Request for school board meeting minutes from November 2005, December 2005, January 2006 and February 2006. Paul Popovich  10/9/15 5
15-38 9/20/15 Name and full contact information including address, phone number and email for religious organizations renting space or facilities. Diane Thomas 9/29/15 4
15-37 9/10/15    Payment Bond or the combined payment/performance bond, the first five pages and signature page of the general/prime contractors contract.  Accounting showing remaining funds to be paid on the project, public claim against funds and/or payment bond claim copies. Robert Jones  9/23/15 5
15-36 9/3/15 Electronic Record of purchase orders dated 2015-04-10 to current. Charlene Roche - SmartProcure 9/16/15 6
15-35 8/24/15 AP test results for May 2015 broken down by number of students per score for both OHS and OEHS. 308 Watchdog 9/16/15 6
15-34 8/24/15 Several Documents Categorized by race, age, grade, gender, offense:  Discipline Handbook; 2009-2014 Statistical Information on students who were suspended, expelled,arrested ta school and referred to an alternative school; 2014-2015 data on number of employees in the district; 2014-2015 data on number of board members in the district; 2014-2015 data on number of students in the district; A list of programs being used to improve discipline at all grade levels; A list of black history curriculum being taught at all grade levels. Veretta Rice Yancey - DuPage NAACP 11/19/15 16
15-33 8/6/15 Class Ranking list based on quality points earned for top 60 students - Class of 2016 at OEHS Stephanie Alvendia 8/18/15 5
15-32 8/6/15  Contract for Eddie Olczyk - Convocation Speaker Tony Scott 8/12/15 4
15-31 8/3/15 List of all current district staff information. Sarah Freishtat-Beacon News 8/18/15 8
15-30 7/20/15 AP exam results from May 2015 for both OEHS and OHS broken down by exam and scores. Stephanie Alvendia 7/31/15  6
15-29 7/15/15    Copies of all correspondence between Community Unit School District 308 and the U.S. Department of Justice between January 1, 2015 and July 15, 2015. This includes, but is not limited to, emails and letters.  Sarah Freishtat - Beacon News 7/31/15
15-28 7/2/15 Copy of the Master Class Schedule    Stephanie Alvendia 7/16/15 7
15-27 7/1/15       Copy for Jasculua Terman invoices/documentation and bills. Justin D. Kee    7/8/15 7
15-26 6/17/2015 Copy of the payment bond and performance bond or the combined payment/performance bond, the first five pages and signature page of the general/prime contractors contract; an accounting showing remaining funds to be paid on the project and the most recent statement provided to the general/prime contractor. Contractors Adjustment Company 6/18/2015 2
15-25 6/8/2015 A copy of the technology plan study created for Community School District 308 and a copy of the contract between Community Unit School District 308 and Capital Data Sarah Freishtat 6/10/2015 2
15-24 6/8/2015
A list of all spending on attorneys or any other legal costs related to the dissolution of the Kendall County Special Education Cooperative and Community Unit School District 308’s withdrawal from the cooperative; copies of any approved expense reports, contracts or other documents related to spending
Sarah Freishtat 6/18/2015 4
15-23 5/28/2015 Copies of all weekly certified payroll for district-wide maintenance projects – WC/BE/TH; OHS track replacement; OEHS track resurface, district-wide sealcoat/striping (as it pertains to the June 9, 2014 board of education meeting). Jairo Gomez June 5, 2015 4
15-22 5/21/2015 Provide any and all information for summer construction work planned for any building owned or leased by your school district which includes the scopes listed: HVAC (Heating, Air Conditioning, Ventilation), exhaust systems, architectural metals used for weatherproofing and/or ornamental purposes, gutters and /or downspouts, new installation and/or replacement of lockers, new installation and/or replacement of toilet partitions, kitchen renovations. In addition, if any contracts have already been awarded, please include the names and contact information of those contractors. Brian McSherry May 27, 2015 3
15-20 4/15/15 Electronic record (without scanning or printing) of purchase orders dated 2010-01-01 to current, to include 1. Purchase order number or equivalent, 2. Purchase order date, 3. Line item details,,4. Line item quantity, 5. Line item price, 6. Vendor ID number, name, address, contact person and email address. SmartProcure 5/6/15 6
15-19  4/10/15  All correspondence pertaining to any College Board foreign language programs.  308 Watchdog  4/17/15  9.5 
15-18 3/30/15  Copy of certified payrolls submitted for pavement improvements at Wolf's Crossing Elementary, Bednarcik Jr. High, Brokaw Early Learning Center and Thompson Jr. High and Alternate #B, Widening track to 8 lanes.  Nancy Garbrecht  4/7/15 
15-17  3/26/15 Documents sufficient to show fees and costs for awards, recognition, associations and professional groups for the district or district administrators beginning with the 2012-13 school year to the present.   Kayln Belsha  4/10/15  37 
15-16 3/24/15  Any and all internal or external social media policies with School District 308.  Steven Jack  3/31/15 
15-15  3/24/15  Any and all information on promoted Facebook posts paid for by District 308 for Jan.1, 2015 to March 23,2015. This includes invoices for paid Facebook promotions.  Steven Jack  4/8/15  6.5 
15-14  3/20/15 Any and all documents, emails or communication between the National PTA and/or the Illinois PTA and District Administration. Robyn Vickers  4/10/15  32
15-13 3/18/15  All SD308 Facebook page posts including all comments - hidden and public dating back to Jan. 1, 2015.  Steven Jack 4/2/15
15-12 3/17/15 Contract and all documents pertaining to current Facility/Buildings Studies contract. Ralph Padron  3/24/15 1.5 
15-11 3/12/15 Special Education staffing report and most recent compliance report for Special Education.  Lauri Doyle 3/16/15  .5 
15-10 2/25/15  Bilingual/ELL program information. Noeli Serna  3/4/15  5
15-09 2/19/15  Any and all documentation, notes, emails, presentations and or other materials not specified that may pertain to the Annual Statewide ESEA | NCLB Conference held February 3-5th, 2015, including all materials presented by district administration and/or staff  during the "District Wide Strategies for Turnaround Change" session, as well as any other correspondence and follow-up pertaining to this session.  Katra Knoernschild  3/5/15 8.5 
15-08  2/16/15 A complete cost accounting of and explanation for the approximate tripling of golf expenses from the years 2010 and 2011 to 2012 and 2013. Steven Gonzalez  2/24/15  1
15-07 2/16/15  A complete cost accounting of and explanation for the Superintendent's trip to China and any and all subsequently implemented programs and program funding that directly resulted from the excursion. Steven Gonzalez 2/24/15 .5 
15-06  2/16/15  A complete cost accounting of and justification for the police presence at SD308/Oswego 308 school board meetings for the 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 school years. Steven Gonzalez  2/24/15  1
15-05 2/16/15 A complete cost accounting of the district's payments for the current Superintendent's relocation, housing search, temporary housing, and meals while in said housing. Steven Gonzalez  2/24/15   .5
15-04 2/16/15 A complete and current copy of the current Superintendent's goals associated with his incentive payments, separated by year, since the beginning of his tenure at SD308 and justification for either meeting or not meeting those goals and the Board's determination for incentive payments on that justification.  Steven Gonzalez  2/24/15 .75
15-03 2/16/15 A complete and current copy of the current Superintendent's employment contract with all exhibits and addenda. Steven Gonzalez 2/24/15 .5 
15-02  1/29/15  Letters of Engagement or other document which identifies the terms of all legal representation and all invoices for January 1, 2013 through the present. Joe Vivo 2/13/15
15-01 1/7/15 Provisions within the district's collective bargaining agreement providing for compensation (pay and or benefits) for union officials while performing union-related activities and the pay record of the employee(s) who received the benefit for the 2013-2014 school year. Scott Reeder 1/16/15 1