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To promote district transparency and assist others who may have similar requests for information, District 308 responses to FOIA responses can be viewed below:


Date Request Received

Information Requested

Name of Requester

Status/Date of Response 

Time to Complete in Hours 

16-35 12/18/16 TRS Pension Request - contribution percentages and total, if they do not contribute into the plan what is the total cost of the contribution for the years 2012-2016. Patrick Stiles  1/3/17 4
16-34 12/2/16  Request for records the show number of virtual education courses taken for initial credit, courses passed, students enrolled, traditional classroom high school courses taken, traditional classroom high school courses passed fall 2015, spring 2016, summer 2016 and fall 2016.  Sarah Freishtat (Beacon News) 12/19/16
16-33 12/1/16 IRTA requested the name, title and email addresses of any teachers or administrator who are retiring in 2017.  Nathan Mihelich (IRTA) 12/9/16  3
16-32 10/26/16 Request for a list of employee identifiers and union designation. Dan Borish (Union Local 73)  12/13/16 4
16-30 9/26/16 Request information from fiscal years 2010-2016; end of year payroll summary; workers compensation claims, settlement payments, indemnity payments or medical payments; government self-insured information. Mindy Ruckman (Ill Policy Institute) 12/5/16  4
16-29 9/26/16 Which schools in CUSD308 have a stock of undesignated epinephrine auto-injectors and which do not. Katherine Smyser (NBC5) 10/11/16 3
16-28 9/15/16  Records showing results of any and all lead testing of water sources at district schools from August 1, 2011 to the present.  Any an all communication including but not limited to emails, letters, memos and meeting minutes bout lead teasting of water sources at the district schools from Jan. 1, 2016 to today.  Katie Drews (Better Gov. Assoc) 10/15/16 5
16-27 8/31/16 Request for purchase orders dated 2010-01-01 to current. Gabriella Lauricella (SmartProcure) 9/21/16 5
16-26 8/31/16  Request for records showing: does the district have an acceleration policy; does it allow students to enter kindergarten early; enter first grade early; take classes at a higher level than their current grade; skip grades; graduate high school early.  Sinthu Ramalingam (One Chance Illinois) 9/21/16 4
16-25 8/3/16 Request for a copy of our process of placing students into high school courses, particularly for incoming freshmen. Diane Rado (Chicago Tribune) 8/31/16 4
16-24 8/3/16 Request a copy of school district 308's contract with RSP. Sarah Freishtat (Beacon News)  8/9/16 4
16-23 7/31/16 Request if Oswego CUSD 308 currently have any leases or agreements with telecommunications providers for cellular antennae and/or towers installed by the provider on school property.  Katherine Smyser (NBC5) 8/9/16 3
16-21 7/1/16 Request for copies of any and all emails sent since April 1, 2016 from Superintendent Matthew Wendt, incoming Superintendent John Sparlin or board President Matt Bauman regarding district spending cutbacks in light of the district's budget gap. Sarah Freishtat (Beacon News) 7/15/16 9
16-20 6/2/16 Request a copy of ISBE's initial findings from a 2016 compliance monitoring visit regarding District 308's English learner program. Sarah Freishtat (Beacon News)  6/15/16
16-19 6/7/16       4
16-18 5/19/16 Request for purchase orders dated 2010-01-01 to current. Gabriella Lauricella (SmartProcure)  5/24/16  7
16-17 5/19/16 Request for documents associated with the last fuel contract: the most recent fuel contract for gasoline and diesel, complete winning bid, bid tabulations, four invoices for corresponding BOLS and for diesel deliveries made in the last three months; and for any gasoline deliveries made in the last three months. Michael Spillson (Black Dog) 6/7/16 4
16-15 5/9/16 Request for a copy of the contract between Henry Brothers and Community Unit School District 308 as it pertains to building Oswego East High School. Kathleen Easton  5/18/16  5.5
16-14 5/2/16 Request for the names of contractors that have been awarded work for summer construction and/or maintenance work planned for any building owned or leased by your school district which includes the scopes (HVAC, Architectural Metals, Gutters, New Installation, Kitchen Renovations)  Brian McSherry (SMART Local 265) 5/18/16 3.5
16-13 5/1/16  Request for a copy of the original submitted e-rate proposal bids from the other vendors, including pricing and scope of work, and request for a copy of the matrix used to select the winning bidder.  Kevin Pendergast (KPTechnology LLC) 5/17/16 4
16-12 4/26/16 Request for bid results for the entire district from the last time was bid out, and the billing from April in 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012 - also when the next bid is going to be.  Tyler Weber (Advanced Disposal) 5/17/16 6
16-11 3/28/16 Request to provide the name, title and email address of all employees who are retiring or leaving the district in 2016 Nathan Mihelich (Illinois Retired Teachers Association) 4/5/16 5
16-10 3/23/16 Request for a list of all courses offered at the high schools in the district Joshua Dwyer (One Chance Illinois) 4/6/16 3
16-9 3/8/16    Request for a list of suspension under suspension code D12 during the 2015-2016 and 2014-2015 school year.  Reasons for suspension and details of the suspension i.e. number of days out, etc. Leslie Mersman 3/29/16
16-7 2/25/16    Request for the Comprehensive Plan for school year 2016-2017 filed with ISBE Helen Kavlock 3/1/16 2
16-6  2/9/16 Request for any and all electronic purchasing records from 2015-09-09 to current; from our record keeping system. Gabriella Lauricella (SmartProcure)  2/16/16  7
16-5  1/29/16 Request for what retirement organization does the custodial staff belong to and the cost factor to the taxpayers for each year for the last 5 years.  Also separately include the transportation department. Patrick Stiles  2/10/16  4
16-4  1/29/16     Request copies of Advanced Placement (AP) exam results for OEHS & OHS for 2012-2013; 2013-2014; 2014-2015 and Master Schedule for 2015-2016.   Jill Ko  2/3/16  3
16-3  1/6/16 Request records that list mathematics and science textbooks used (title and publisher); grade each textbook is used in; which version; the year it was first used.  Morgan Polikoff, Ph.D. (USC Rossier School of Education)  1/28/16  3
16-2  1/12/16 Request records showing whether the district has a gifted and talented program (classifications requested from how many students enrolled; by grade level; by race/ethnic; income; gender and whether the district provides a universal gifted assessment for students.  Trey Cobb (One Chance Illinois)  1/28/16  4
16-1 1/4/16    Copy of the current contract for athletic training services to Oswego East High School. Lindsey Otte, MS, ATC Manager of Athletic Training Services 1/8/16