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To promote district transparency and assist others who may have similar requests for information, District 308 responses to FOIA responses can be viewed below:


Date Request Received

Information Requested

Name of Requester 

Status/Date of Response 

Time to Complete in Hours 

21-85 12/17/2021 Requesting bonding agent name, address, contact phone, email and details, coverage Joanne Johnson 12/21/2021 2
21-84 12/14/2021
Requesting  purchase order number; purchase date; line item details; line item quantity; line item price and vendor id number, name, address, contact person and email address.
21-82 12/6/2021
A. Any documented lists of teachers, administrators, district employees, school board members who have participated in any seminars, programs, webinars, zoom (or other electronic means of meeting) or in person meetings with or put on by The Midwest & Plains Equity Assistance Center. B. Are any of these programs (type described above) put on by The Midwest & Plains Equity Assistance Center mandatory participation by persons described above within SD308
Thomas Nanninga
12/16/2021 2
21-81  11/23/21
All emails between Panorama Education and any SD308 administrators, school board members, teachers or other staff as it relates to the contract or creation of surveys with Panorama Education between 3/1/2021 and 10/15/2021. Per the FOIA response 21-75 to Local Labs on October 28th, the district was asked for copies of all materials used by Panorama in training/curriculum per the contract and the district's reply was that they were currently using this vendor for their bank of questions to design their own surveys and that there has been no teacher or student use of this product.  I would like to request to see those bank of questions that are available under the district's contract with Panorama Education; and would also like to know if those bank of questions were used to create the massive survey whose results were released at the last school board meeting on November 15th, 2021.   All emails and internal communications within the School District between administrators and/or school board members and/or teachers and/or other staff as it relates to the creation of the survey mentioned above.
 Thomas Nanninga 11/30/21 2
21-80 11/18/21
Requesting any information regarding the school district’s property/casualty, work comp and health insurance policies, insurance carriers who currently insure the district and renewal dates of the policies.
James Boudouris 11/30/21 4
21-79  11/1/21 All emails and internal communication between Panorama Education and Heidi Podjasek between January 1, 2021 and June 30, 2021.  Thomas Nanninga 11/8/21 2
21-78  10/28/21  Requesting digital copies of documents/records detailing the following: number of devices (i.e. laptops, tablets, wi-fi hotspots, etc) given out for remote learning and internet connectivity for the 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 school years; cost of those devices for those same years inventory status of those devices (returned, missing) for each of those school years; current inventory status of those devices replacement devices and cost for those missing in each of those two full school years  Carol Thompson WBBM-TV Chicago CBS  11/5/21  4
21-77 10/28/21 (1) Current contracts with student transportation vendors (including school bus transportation and alternative student transportation) for 2020-2021 and 2021-2022 school; years (2) Copy of the invoices district received from its student transportation vendors (including school bus transportation and alternative student transportation) for August and
September of 2021 (3) The latest school bus RFP and corresponding RFP responses received from school bus vendors/bidders
Tanner F. Transportation Research 11/4/21 3
21-76  10/22/21 1. Please provide the name and purchase contract of the "SEL curriculum software" purchased for $38,000. 2. Please provide the name of the company who develop(s)ed the curriculum and their website. 3. FOIA request 2021-63 also references "$1k cost of adding software function to stduent information system to conduct student health checks." Please explain what these "health checks" are, and how that data is used.  Anna Bosko  10/26/21  3
21-75  10/21/21 I am requesting electronic records of any contracts and documents relating to business with Panorama education, specifically:(1) a copy of the signed contract with Panorama (2) a list of all payments made to Panorama (3) copies of all materials used by Panorama in training / curriculum per the contract (4) a list of all teachers and classes (students) who have been exposed or instructed to Panorama materials   Vince Espi LocalLabs 10/28/21 1
 21-74  10/20/21 How much, if any, federal COVID-19 relief funds remains outstanding? How has the district spent the federal COVID-19 funds received to date?  How much has been spent on capital purchases? What has been purchased?  How much has been spent on personnel, including wages, benefits and overtime?  How will any yet to be received federal COVID-19 relief funds be spent? Is the district facing a deadline to spend the federal funds?  John Etheredge, ShawMedia 10/26/21 6
 21-73  10/19/21 All emails, internal documents, proposals/invoices between any S0308 employees, administrators, consultants board members and any other staff member. executive or contracted person from Panorama Education between 8/1/20 and 10/15/21. This FOIA request shall also include any emails, internal documents between any employees, administrators, consultants or board members themselves.   Thomas Nanninga  10/28/21  4
 21-72  10/26/21 Requesting copies of any and all due process reqeusts and amended due process requests filed by a parent/guardian or on behalf of a parent/guardian against Oswego Community Unit School District #308 pursuant to the Individuals with Disabilities Educaton Improvement Act, 20 U.S.C. Section 1400 et seq., for the time period January 1, 2019 to present.  (Parent(s)/Guardian(s) and student(s) names may be redacted.  Hansen & Cleary 10/26/21 6
21-71 10/5/21 Electronic copy of:  parents first name; parents last name; parent email address; primary mailing address; primary phone; student first name; student last name; student grade level; school of enrollment SayHelloCollege - KM Bookkbinder 10/28/21 5
21-70 10/5/21 Total number and percentage of District 308 certified staff that had received at least one COVID-19 vaccine as of September 19.  Total number and percentage of District 308 non-certified staff that had received at least one COVID-19 vaccine as of eptember 19.  Number and percentage of certified staff that are now in weekly COVID-19 testing at local schools.  Number and percentage of non-certified staff that are now in weekly COVID-19 testing at local schools. John Etheredge Shaw Media 10/6/21 3
21-69  9/30/21 Provide a list of all materials in your district that fall under the 1619 project Vince Espi LocalLabs 10/4/21 3
21-68  9/28/21  All data of any faculty or student with (a) COVID-19 positive test resuls, (b) COVID-19 like symptoms or © close contacts to a confimred COVID-19 case that were reported to the local health department over the previous seven days. Provide all details that werew provided to the local health department.  Vince Espi LocalLabs 10/4/21 2
21-67  9//28/21  Is it true that your district has had bus drivers resign in defiance of the mask mandate? If so, how many.  Shantel Schafer 9/30/21 1
21-66 9/27/21 All emails from Superintendent John Sparlin to Executive Director of Human Resources, Executive Director of Student Services and/or Board of Educaoin members of sd308, regarding the inactivity and delaying of any action by sd308 on the high school swim coach investigation until the end of the current ongoing swim season due to lack of effort and/or evidence to support a termiation decision, starting at the beginning of the investigation on June 25, 2021 until September 26, 2021. Tom Guist 10/4/21 3
21-65 9/22/21 I am writing to formally request the following information related to the "hold in place" "lockdown" or "secure the building and teach" which occurred between approximately 3pm and 3:20pm on 9/16/21 at Murphy Jr. High:   Emails sent by and to the Principal, Vice Principal, District Superintendent and school board members regarding this incident; Meeting minutes of any meetings or conference calls resulting from this incident; Memos issued in relation to this incident; Any incident reports in relation to this incident; Any policy or procedure updates resulting from this incident.  Bernard J. Bauer 9/30/21 2
21-64 9/10/21 Please provide the scientific evidence that was provided to the Oswego 308 Board of Education that was peer reviewed to prove that: Masks are effective for Covid 19, a virus that is an airborne ariosole, and NOT droplets; That the mRNA vaccine is safe to mandate for our teachers. Joanne Johnson 9/21/21 2
21-63 9/10/21 Please provide any documentation from any and all State of Illinois or Teachers Unions regarding the decision to revoke the right of a student or their parent to choose to wear a mask.  Specifically, please specify what funding has been or will be provided if SD 308 followed Gov. J.B. Prizker's mask mandate.  If the Oswego 308 board decided to exercise their right to follow the wishes of the majority of parents and continue to provide the right to choose, what would the repercussions be beyond the forfeiture of the Covid funding? Joanne Johnson 9/21/21 4
21-62 9/10/21 Confirm that the school board members as well as the superintendent have lived (as their primary residence) in the SD308 School District since their role began in the school district, and that they still live within the school district as their primary residence. Joanne Johnson 9/21/21 2
21-61 9/10/21 Provide a signed Board Member Oath and Conduct for each of the current SD 308 Board members. Joanne Johnson 9/21/21 2
21-58 9/02/21 Any and all documentation into the investigation of the allegation of verbal abuse by Coach Deryl Leubner; including and not limited to the alleged allegations, correspondence to and from the school board members and Dr. Sparlin to any individual that presented a position or view on the issue; interview notes; the basis and guidelines utilized to render decision; any documentation of the actual vote on the matter Giuseppina M. Pignato 9/9/21 3
21-57 9/01/21 Provide a list of each student who began their freshman year of high school in 2018-2019, and each student who began 6th grade in 2018-2019 and their semester or overall grades, by subject, Math, Reading, Science, for that school year, and separately the same information for the 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 school years; separated to show three years of grades per student.   Michele Youngerman, CBS2 Chicago 9/7/21 4
21-56 8/25/21 All emails from John Sparlin to members of the board of education either separately or as a group identified as "weekly update" or similar from 6/1/21 to 8/18/21. Tom Guist 09/7/21 10
21-55 8/24/21 Provide the personnel file of Deryl Leubner as well as any complaints against him and any disciplinary measures taken Shea Lazansky 08/24/21 1
 21-54  8/19/21
Any communication regarding liability insurance coverage for COVID 19 related issues originating from or being sent to any staff member or board member of SD308.  Any correspondence from the District’s insurance carrier(s) regarding coverage issues related to COVID 19.  Any responses from district staff or board members relating to the District’s liability coverage for COVID 19 related issues.
 Dave Ruggles 08/24/21 1
21-53 8/19/21 Provide the personnel file of Deryl Leubner. WSPY News 08/24 6
 21-52 8/18/21 All documents included in any investigation of Delta Aquatics coaches/staff between 6/1/21 and 8/18/21 including bu tnot limited to public complaints, in person intervews, emails sent and received by John Sparlin, Ken Miller, or Val Patterson.  Additionally, all emails from John Sparlin to board of education, including regularly scheduled emails identified as "weekly update" or similar that discuss Delta Aquatics or coaches/staff of Delta Aquatics between 6/1/21 and 8/18/21. Tom Guist 08/19/21 4
21-51   8/14/21 Provide copy of school insurance policy where it states school will lose coverage if school does not follow CDC guidance related to COVID.  Also, include all correspondence between the board members as a whole and/or the superintendent with the insurance agent in regards to coverage related to COVID mandates if they are not followed Crystal Casper 8/18/21 1
21-50 8/9/21 Requesting documentation and emails discussing committee applications dated 7/1/21-7/31/21; how many positions were open on each committee and number of applications submitted; Policy and Procedure choosing committee members. Inga Dainius 8/16/21 16
21-49  8/5/21 Request for Any Postal Equipment signed information and signed contracts a. Specifically postage meter machine b. Specifically Folder and/or inserter equipmen Kevin Tomsha 8/16/21
21-48  7/30/21 A request for any and all purchasing records from 10/22/2020 to current. The request is limited to readily available records without physically copying, scanning or printing paper documents. The specific information requested from your record keeping system is: • Purchase order number. If purchase orders are not used a comparable substitute is acceptable, i.e., invoice, encumbrance, or check number. • Purchase date • Line item details (Detailed description of the purchase) • Line item quantity • Line item price • Vendor ID number, name, address, contact person and their email address Sheri Reid 8/4/21  8
21-47 7/19/21 Provide any and all documents of written and digital correspondence related to Item 8.8 from the July 12th meeting of the Board of Education. Shea Lazansky 7/21/21 1
21-46 7/19/21 Requesting an itemized list of how COVID 19 relief funds have been spent. Crystal Casper 7/27/21  2
21-45 7/19/21 Provide any and all communications between Dr. Sparlin, any and all BOE members and/or Andrew Gothelf, Elizabeth Palatine, Kerri Soumar or any other rep for the OEA teachers union for dates between 7/1/20 and 8/31/20. Clarification for reps of the OEA: only the Executive Board. The search of emails was over 1,900. On 7/28/21 via email, the narrowed search was for any/all communications between Andrew Gothelf and/or any others listed as originally stated.  Michelle Kline 8/3/21 16
21-44 7/13/21 Provide any and all emails sent by members of the public to Superintendent Dr. John Sparlin and Board of Education members Dr. Donna Marino, Eugene Gatewood, Latonya Simelton, Ruth Kroner, Jennifer Johnson, Lauri Doyle and Allison Swanson between June 7, 2021 and July 12, 2021. Keywords requested are: masks/face coverings, Critical Race Theory (CRT), 1619 Project, and COVID-19. Shea Lazansky 7/27/21 70
21-43 7/13/21 Provide any and all complaints filed against Frank Tieri following his retirement from Oswego School District
Shea Lazansky 7/26/21 2
21-42 6/28/21  Provide the total number of employees of the Oswego Community Unit School District #308 who had union dues or fees being held from their paychecks for the first pay period in April and May of 2021. Caleb Baker 6/29/21 1
21-41 6/25/21 Provide any and all complaints filed against Frank Tieri during his employment with District 308, as well as any and all disciplinary actions taken against Frank Tieri during his employment with District 308. Shea Lazansky 7/7/21 2
21-40 6/18/21 Any and all communication for dates 5/1/21 to 5/31/21 with key words Black Lives Matter, BLM, Rally, Protest, Rally, Protest, March, Injustice, racism, policy, social media, systematic, racial, justice, reform, Portillo’s, and Oswego Village Hall. Clarification on 6/21/21: all emails with domain of in the “To” and “From” communication. Results were 31,671 emails. Then on 6/23/21, the narrowed search key words were Black Lives Matter, BLM, Protest and Village Hall. Deb Trottier 7/8/21 8
21-39 6/18/21 Any and all communication for dates 7/1/20 to 8/31/20 with key words Black Lives Matter, BLM, Rally, Protest, march injustice, racism, policy brutality, social media, systematic, racial, justice, Prairie Point and reform. Clarification on 6/21/21: all emails with domain of in the “To” and “From” communication. The results were 71,413 emails. Then on 6/23/21, you narrowed the search key words to Black Lives Matter, BLM, Protest and Prairie Point. Deb Trottier 7/8/21 2
21-38 6/18/21
Any and all testing results for SAT, AP, IL Science Assessment, IAR, Star and PARCC for the years 2018 through 2021.
Deb Trottier  7/8/21 2
21-37 6/17/21 
Provide all emails, texts, any electronic records or meeting notes from the dates 5/1/21 to 6/15/21 that contain or pertain the following words, “Portillo’s”, “Village”, “Board” and “Organize” from any district employee or  student email or text or meeting. This search included over 100,000 emails. On 6/22/21 via email: the agreed upon narrowed search keywords are  “Portillo’s” and “Village” from 5/5/21 to 6/15/21.
Jason Hudson  6/25/21 8
21-36 6/16/21 Any policy regarding teacher/staff use of district emails; any policy prohibiting political activity by staff on compensated time; any policy regarding what students may display in their private rooms that may be visible to others during remote school proceedings; any policies banning the display of Confederate flags or any other flags at school or in private homes.
Keri-Lyn Krafthefer 6/21/21 2
21-35 6/16/21 Provide any and all documents and communication regarding Plank Jr. High removing God Bless the USA from electronic marquee dates between 7/1/19 and 9/30/19. Inga Dainius  7/7/21 21
Requesting information including but not limited to the following:
1.The executed contracts between Oswego CUSD 308 and Hacienda Landscaping Inc., Smallwood Lock Supply, Specialty Floors, and The Flooring Guys for FY 2019. 2. Any correspondence such as e-mails, submittals, certified payroll and pay out requests. 3. Any documents disclosing and or identifying general contractors/subcontractors. 4. The schools work was performed at for the FY requested.
Bernadette Soto -Chicago Regional Council of Carpenters 6/14/21 3
21-33A 5/25/21 Relating to employee code of conduct-requesting all emails discussing politics during school hours. Narrowing down keywords and timeframe: Trump and Biden from October 1, 2020-November 15, 2020. Inga Dainius 6/4/21 21
21-33 5/18/21 Relating to employee code of conduct-requesting all emails discussing politics during school hours. Keywords: Trump, Biden, Republican, Democrat, RNC. Clarification on May 19th: RNC stands for Republican National Committee and timeframe is the last 4 years. Inga Dainius 5/21/21 3
21-32 5/11/21 All communication between any member of the staff, administators, including the Superintendent and the Assistant Superintendent the school board and any member of the any of the School board committees and the vendor CASEL in regards to any curriculum or programs currently in use and any discussions for future orders, including those orders for the Fall 2021 new Social Emotional Learning (SEL) materials discussed at the School Board Meeting on May 10th, 2021. The scope of this request is 6/1/20 throught 5/11/21.  Megan Frey 5/15/21 16
21-31 5/10/21 All emails and communications between Robyn Vickers and the school board, school administrators and teachers between 06/01/20-04/29/21. Megan Frey  5/17/21 8
21-30 5/7/21 Information for the new construction, renovation and /or maintenance work planned for any building owned or leased by your district which includes the scopes listed below. In addition, if any contracts have already been awarded, please include the names and contact information of those contractor(s) and/or sub-contractor(s) Jen Weeks-Smart Local 265 5/10/21 1
21-29 5/7/21 Information for the construction and /or maintenance work planned for any building owned or leased by your district which includes the scopes listed below for the summer of 2021. In addition, if any contracts have already been awarded, please include the names and contact information of those contractor(s) and/or sub-contractor(s). Brian McSherry-Smart Local 265  5/10/21 1
21-28 5/3/21  All internal communication between SD308 staff, school administration, Superintendent, School Board and any external communication (excluding advertising/marketing materials from vendors), elected officials or any member of the public as it relates to discussions on adding or expanding upon “culturally responsive teaching” or “culturally relevant teaching” standards/strategies for the educators in SD308 for the period of 8/1/2020 to present. Revision of request 5/4/21: For the period of 1/1/21 to 5/4/21. Thomas Nanninga 5/18/21 40
21-27 4/30/21 Any and all documentation and communication in regards to annual budgets, tax levies, audit reports, bills or invoices issued and received by the district, receipts for revenue and itemized list of expenditures for the years 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021.   Inga Dainius 5/3/21  2
21-26  4/29/21  Requesting the amount of money the district has spent on mental health-related and/or behavioral health-related placements outside of the district. The specific time frame is January 1, 2016 through December 31, 2020 for placements of High School students only and including but not limited to Therapeutic Day Schools, Therapeutic Boarding Schools, Therapeutic Residential Treatment Centers/Programs and Therapeutic Wilderness Programs.  Allison Schatz  5/6/21  8
21-25 4/28/21 Any and all documents, communications or emails between any SD308 employee and the Kendall County Health Department from March 1, 2020 to present. Clarification 4/30/21: Key words to narrow search are “remote” and “shutdown”. Inga Dainius 5/5/21 21
21-24 4/26/21 All communication within the district between school administrators, teachers, the school board and outside groups or government agencies from June 1, 2020 to the date of this request that mentions the 1619 Project as it relates to curriculum, teacher training, and future planning related to the 1619 Project. Clarification 4/28/21: Omit any emails from vendors about the 1619 project unless it relates to the District contracting the vendor for curriculum, training, or future planning relating to the 1619 Project. Thomas Nanninga  4/29/21 21
21-23 4/13/21 All emails of school officials/school board members and other documents related to the discovery or inclusion of Critical Race Theory in the curriculum of the students of any grade in the district and/or in the training of any school district teacher. Clarification 4/14/21: School Official defined as School and School District Administrators (Superintendent, Principals and other administrators responsible for curriculum) and time period 1/1/21-4/14/21 Thomas Nanninga 4/19/21 8
21-22 4/13/21 Requesting the following information for each District 308 employee covered by the collective bargaining agreement with OCMA, OEA, OTA and OESPA: 1) First name 2) Middle name 3) Last name 4) Job title 5) Hire date 6) School name 7) School address 8) Work email address Erin L. Volz 4/15/21 3
21-21 3/25/21 Copies of any and all documents in regards to the Number of Housing Starts and total fees received for the towns of Oswego, Plainfield, Aurora, Montgomery and Joliet that are within the boundaries of SD308 for the following years: 2018, 2019, and 2020. Also, copies of any and all documents and information in regards to the towns of Aurora, Plainfield, Joliet and Montgomery each having different school providing fees with developers. Any and all documents, contracts, or records between SD308 and any/all developers in the towns of Aurora, Plainfield, Joliet and Montgomery referencing financials, property taxes, impact, transition, and land cash fees. Danielle Merten 3/30/21 8
21-20 3/23/21 Does the district currently offer any tuition benefits to any employees? List any tuition benefits such as tuition reimbursement, vouchers, assistance, grants and/or stipends that would be used towards any higher education degrees for any teachers and administrators. Did the district offer this in the past? Did/does the district include a contract/agreement for a specified number of SD308 employed years for benefits? Clarified 3/24/21: Are there any tuition benefits/reimbursement for higher education? If so, is there a contract between the employee and district for them to commit to the district for a certain number of years. Danielle Merten 3/25/21  2
21-19 3/23/21 Any and all documents in regards to the SD308 commissioned impact fee study through NIU in 2001 Danielle Merten 3/24/21 8
21-18  3/23/21 For each IMRF participant with total compensation package greater than $75k, include a written explanation of each stipend paid. Please clarify whether these duties are done outside of work OR during the work day, and if the staff member gets overtime or not. Include every person on the attached spreadsheet taken from SD308 website. Kelsey Boskelly 4/6/21 4
21-17 3/22/21  A copy of any video or audio conference, telephone call, electronic means (such as, without limitation, electronic mail, electronic chat, and instant messaging correspondence) between February 12, 2021 and March 16, 2021, which includes the keywords or word combinations; Covid, Covid-19, Hybrid, Vaccine, Kendall County Health Department, Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH), Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE), Social distance, Social-distancing, CDC, 6-foot, Phase 3, Reopen, Reopening, and board meeting; and 3 or more of the following SD 308 School Board Member email addresses below as sender or receiver.;;;;;;; and Crystal Casper  4/8/21 70
21-16  3/22/21  Provide list of Committees that work with the Board of Education when it comes to re-opening plans. Also, provide all member’s names and email addresses that make up each committee.  Crystal Casper 3/23/21 2
21-15 3/22/21  Request to review Closed Session Minutes and/or Video for 3/15/21 Crystal Casper 3/23/21  1
21-14 3/22/21 Request to review Closed Session Minutes and/or Video for dates 2/22/21, 2/8/21, 1/25,21, 1/11/21 and 12/7/20 Crystal Casper 3/23/21 1
21-13 3/22/21 Requesting the total number of students enrolled in the district in the 2019-2020 school year, the total number of students enrolled at the start of the 2020-2021 school year and the total student enrollment at this point of school year Thomas Nanniga 3/26/21 2
21-12 3/19/21 Copy of email sent by Shaunise Thomas on or around February 21st in regards to the t-shirt made by the BSA organization. Also, a copy of the email sent by OHS Dean’s Assistant Jon Vallo in response to Thomas’ email. Shea Lazansky-Shaw Media 3/22/21 2
21-11 3/8/21 Requesting the following documents listed below: 1. A copy of the current transportation contracts (including any addendums) with the district's transportation vendor(s), including both bus and small vehicles vendors. 2. A summary of annual transportation expenses by vendor for 2018-19 and 2019-20 school years. 3. A copy of District's latest student transportation RFP 4. A copy of the full transportation RFP responses District received from vendors/bidders for the last student transportation RFP. Tanner F. - Transportation Research 3/17/21 6
21-10 3/1/21  Requesting a list of vendors for Oswego Community Unit School District #308 used in 2020.  Desmond O'Mahony  3/8/21 3
21-09 2/24/21 Requesting any and all disciplinary records and complaints filed between 2006 and 2021 involving Oswego High School Dean’s Assistant Jon Vallo. Shea Lazansky-Shaw Media 3/10/21  2
Seeking the offenses that led to law enforcement referrals and/or arrests and citations.
Jennifer Smith Richards - Chicago Tribune
Jodi S. Cohen - ProPublica
5/4/21  1
• Records that show all incidents that included referral to law enforcement, including school-based resource officers, and the underlying offense during the 2018-2019, 2019-2020 and the 2020-2021 school years that did not result in arrest. • Records that show all arrests of students made inside the school district and the underlying offense during the 2018-2019, 2019-2020 and the 2020-2021 school years. • Records that show the gender and race of students referred to law enforcement, arrested and/or issued a citation or ticket in the 2018-2019, 2019-2020 and the 2020-2021 school years. • Records that show all incidents in which students were issued a citation or ticket for an ordinance violation during the 2018-2019, 2019-2020 and the 2020-2021 school years
Jennifer Smith Richards - Chicago Tribune
Jodi S. Cohen - ProPublica
21-07 2/16/21 Copy of all of Board of Education’s documents and communication regarding Action Item 8.5 Approval of Impact Bargaining from the January 25, 2021 meeting. Shea Lazansky-Shaw Media 2/18/21 1
21-06 2/8/21 Copy of information related to student attendance. For this request, please provide a breakdown of attendance rates by school, specify whether the attendance was in person or remote, and how attendance is being tracked. If both in-person and remote learning have occurred, please provide this information for both. Please provide information from the start of the current school year until the most current date available upon production. Jonathan Fagg 2/12/21  2
21-05 2/8/21 Administration raises for 7/1/20, non-union employee raises 7/1/20, human resources salaries 7/1/20, district costs 2020 vs. 2021. Kelsey Boskelly 2/12/21 2
21-04 2/2/21  Please provide the name and email address of any certified staff (teachers, administrators, nurses, counselors, etc.) who are retiring this year.  Nathan Mihelich 2/5/21 1
21-03 1/22/21 A copy (PDF) of the following documents be provided to me:
•The district’s current website and/or content management system (CMS) provider contract. •The district’s current alerts and/or emergency notification provider contract. •The district’s current mobile app provider contract. •The district’s current learning management system (LMS) provider contract.
Joe Sutton  1/27/21 1
21-02 1/22/21 Nursing turnover rate, each nursing employee’s hourly salary for 2020, cost paid to outside hearing & vision screening team in the past five years, additional pay to certified school nurses (CSN) when they do hearing & vision screenings per day for the past five years, cost of agency nurses in the past five years.  Kelsey Boskelly  1/28/21 2
 21-01  1/4/21 A request for all personnel documents related to Eulalia Valdez. A copy of her District 308 contract, 201920 school year, a copy of the personnel file, a copy of teaching records, discipline records, certifications, licensures, and proof of any training, seminars, conferences, and any complaints against Valdez.   Tambra Pendleton  1/11/21  1