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4/27/2023 Requesting contracts and invoices between Storm Dance Alliance or Brook Langkan for the rental of the OEHS Persorming Arts Center and related rooms/classrooms in May 2022 and all contracts and invoices between Storm Dance Alliance or Brook Langkan for the rental of Thompson Jr High Auditorium and related rooms/classrooms on or about January 13, 2023. Brian Russell 4/28/2023 2


4/26/2023 Requesting an electronic version of the refuse and recycling contract. Morgan Schueller, LRS 5/2/2023 1


4/26/2023 Requesting student directory University of Kentucky 5/2/2023 1


4/10/2023 Requesting a copy your district’s current mission statement and copies of any previous mission statements, provided they changed them in recent past. Vince Espi, Local Labs  4/14/2023 1


4/10/2023 Request scan of transportation proposals the District received from companies who submitted transportation proposal in response to the District's 2023 Transportation RFP.  Please include final contracts as well.  Since respondents submitted a USB drive with proposal, please email each company's proposal to avoid time and expense of photocopying. Joe Faessler, Illinois Central 4/11/2023 1


4/5/2023 Request access to and a copy of a listing of all Community Unit School District 308’semployee’s first and last names, e-mail address, title/position, and primary campus/department location Janie Jordan, Data Research Partners, LLC 4/12/2023 1


3/28/2023 Requesting information/copies of invoices, contracts, or bill of sales for purchase of used equipment by the Oswego School District 308 for FY2019-2023. Used Equipment can be classified as second owner of construction equipment including: Skid steers,Excavators, Generators, Light Towers, Man lift, Boom lift, Scissor lift, Trash pump, Chain Saw, FrontEnd Loaders etc. Sean Bergan, United Rentals, Inc. 4/11/2023 2


3/23/2023 Requesting the name(s) and date of hire for any SD308 staff member who has been convicted of any felony charges in our outside of the state of Illinois. Brian Walker 3/30/2023 1


3/13/2023 Requesting copies of the following documents:  Investigative summary and/or findings of any investigations made by SD308 officials in regards to school and or criminal complaints regarding allegations that district 308 employees engaged in electioneering (gathering signatures on school property during school hours) Doug Nelson -WSPY News 3/20/2023 2


3/14/2023 Requesting copies of electioneering ethics rules adopted by 308 board regarding ethics/electioneering by employees or officials. Doug Nelson - WSPY News 3/14/2023 1


3/4/2023 Requesting purchasing information from 11/30/2022 to current.  Specific information requested is: purchase order number. If purchase orders are not used a comparable substitute is acceptable, i.e., invoice, encumbrance, or check number; Purchase date; Line item details (Detailed description of the purchase); Line item quantity; Line item price; Vendor ID; number, name, address, contact person and their email address. Sheri Reid, SmartProcure 3/13/2023 2


3/6/2023 Requesting SY2022/2023 annual base pay for the attached list of employees.  Employees with an * next to their name are those that were hired mid year, therefore, please include the level at which this employee has been placed on the OEA salary schedule. Margaret Hartigan 3/8/2023 3


3/2/2023 Requesting construction projects broker out per school for all district buildings. Sheet Metal Workers' Local 265 3/20/2023 4


3/2/2023 Requesting a copy of the current or most recent beverage agreement in place for Oswego High School  This FOIA is being made for commercial purposes. Reyes Coca-Cola Bottling 3/8/2023 1


2/22/2023 Name; Position/Title; Years of Service in the District; Years of Service in the State; Building/Location; District Email Address; Personal Phone Number; Personal Email Address; Salary.  If any of the information requested is unable to be released due to privacy concerns, please release the remaining information that can be released. Catalyst Financial Group LLC 2/28/2023 3


2/16/2023 Requesting a summary of Federal and State grants applied for and awarded for the last 5 years. Kristina Murphy 2/23/2023 2


2/16/2023 I am requesting records/documents showing the following information about negotiations:   Any scheduled or suggested dates or timelines for negotiations, meetings or other activities between agents of the district and agents of the union representing teachers related to negotiating the new collective bargaining agreement.   The most recent contract offer by the district to the union.  The most recent contract offer by the union to the district. 2/16/2023 1


2/7/2023 Correspondence between Joanne Johnson SD308 Board members between March 20, 2021 and December 31, 2022 Ruth Frey 2/24/2023 4


2/7/2023 Correspondence between Joanne Johnson and Faith Dahlquist, Dr. Sparlin, Christi Tyler, John Petzke, or Theresa Komiatas between March 20, 2021 and December 31, 2022 Ruth Frey 2/23/2023 3


2/7/2023 How much was spent on purchasing "Everything That Is Sad Is Untrue", which replaced "To Kill a Mockingbird"? How much was spent on the supplemental text utilized to move to this new book? Joanne Johnson 2/16/2023 3


2/7/2023 Furnish a copy of all engagement letters in place with all law firms for legal service in 2022; furnish a copy of all invoices for legal services or work done in 2022. TheFOIALady 2/27/2023 5


2/7/2023 Please provide the contract documents related to the 2020 bid for PUPIL TRANSPORTATION SERVICES. Jeremy Heim Deltek 2/9/2023 1


2/7/2023 Dollar amount of stipends that are currently being paid to backup payroll staff.  Are these payroll duties being performed during the course of a normal business day, on top of their normal job duties? Do they receive overtime payment on top of the stipend they are being paid? Kelsey Boskelly 2/13/2023 1


2/3/2023 A directory of all current students, including all "directory information" as provided by theIllinois Administrative Code Ill. Admin. Code tit. 23 § 375.80 This includes student address, grade level, and birth date and place, and parents’ names, mailing addresses, electronicmail addresses, and telephone numbers Josiah Chatterton ( 2/9/2023 1


1/30/2023 Please provide board members Johnson and Ploger emails for the last 60 days.  All inbox and sent emails for board members Jennifer Johnson and Jared Ploger. Jason Hudson 2/27/2023 23 +


1/28/2023 Any emails within the last 90 days from Erin Tobin Holtz that contain the work Amy Murillo, petition, signature.  All emails or communication that mention the name Amy Murillo and petition and signature within the last 90 days from every district employee. Jason Hudson 2/7/2023 3


1/26/2023 Please provide the following: Employee Information, specifically teachers, with the following data points for the years 2020, 2021, and 2022:  First Name; Last Name; Position/Job Title; Department; Pay Rate; Year to Date Gross Pay Josiah Chatterton (LocalLabs) 2/3/2023 4


1/25/2023 All email correspondence that includes mention of this requester, sent to or from district employees between August 1, 2022 and the day this request is processed. Search terms should include but not be limited to “Drange” “Business Insider” “” and “”. 1/27/23 Revised criteria "Drange" "".... Matt Drange Business Insider 2/13/2023 4


  Intentionally left blank      


1/12/2023 Records that show all incidents of student referrals to law enforcement, including records that would show the students’ race and gender if available, from August 1, 2021 to the present.
Records that show all incidents of student arrests by law enforcement and the underlying offenses, including records that would show the students’ race and gender if available, from August 1, 2021 to the present.
 Records that show all incidents in which a student was cited or ticketed by law enforcement for an ordinance violation and the underlying offenses, including records that would show the students’ race and gender if available, from August 1, 2021 to the present.
The records could include, but not be limited to, disciplinary logs or reports, incident logs or reports or behavior resolution reports. It also could include data that reflects the number of referrals, arrests and citations during the above years. 
Betsy Winick (working w/ Propbulica and the Chicago Tribune) 2/2/2023 5


12/28/2022 Requesting any and all information as it relates to removing To Kill a Mockingbird from the SD308 curriculum and libraries.  My prior FOIA 22-69 was incomplete.  Any communication from 2020, 2021, or 2022 that contain the word "Mockingbird".  This includes but is not limited to emails, memos, content reviews or assessments, proposals, presentations, meeting minutes/agendas. 1/20/23 Revised Criteria - Communication between DEI Coordinator and Administration  re: To Kill a Mockingbird Joanne Johnson 2/2/2023 12