• Classroom Expectations

    In room 136, I have very high expecatations of my students.  We have 5 classroom rules and 1 diamond rule.  Our 5 classroom rules help create a sense of community and safe environment for student engagement and learning.

    I expect each child to:

     *Each gesture is done while saying the rule*


    Rule #1: Follow directions quickly!

     Gesture: Raise your hand with a number 1 then bring your hand down and make your hand shoot forward like a fish.


    Rule #2: Raise your hand for permission to speak, when appropriate!

     Gesture: Raise your hand with a number 2, then pull it down next to your head and make a talking motion with your hand.


    Rule #3:Raise your hand for permission to leave the classroom.

     Gesture: Raise your hand with a number 3, then bring your hand down to the other hand's palm and make your fingers walk across your palm.


    Rule #4:Make smart choices!

     Gesture: Raise your hand showing a number 4 and then tap one finger to your temple.


    Rule #5:Keep your dear teacher learning community happy!

     Gesture: Raise your hand to show a number 5, then hold up each thumb and index finger out an "L" framing your face; bob your head back and forth with each word and smile really big!


    Diamond Rule: Keep your eyes on the target please.

    Gesture: Make a diamond with your hands, then point to eyes, followed by making a circle with hands, and finally putting you right hand on center of chest and moving in a circle to the left.