Career and Technical Education Department

Business - Engineering - Family and Consumer Science - Horticulture - Industrial Technology

  • By emphasizing the interconnectedness among math, science, technology and the humanities, the diverse program offerings of the Career & Technical Education Division assist students in becoming creative problem solvers, effective communicators, and tomorrow’s leaders. The department’s applied learning experiences enable students to get a head start on their post-secondary education and the advanced training required to be successful in 21st Century careers.

    Business Department
    The Oswego High School business curriculum emphasizes concepts, skills, and ethics preparing students to become productive, self-reliant adults and intelligent consumers in a rapidly changing global society.

    Family and Consumer Science Department
    The mission of the Family and Consumer Science Department is to prepare students for life, family, careers, and community by providing opportunities to apply knowledge from content areas and to develop cooperative and communication skills in a safe and healthy learning environment.

    In a changing global community, the role of our teachers is to facilitate learning, provide encouragement, and model life-long learning.

    Horticulture Department
    The mission of the Horticulture Department is to introduce students to the fascinating world of plants by learning specific (academic) botanical concepts (knowledge of how plants function) and then applying these concepts to a variety of horticulture applications through activities that emphasize practical and hands-on learning, industry standards and universal science methodologies.

    Industrial Technology Department
    The mission of Oswego Community High School Industrial Arts Department is to provide foundation of practical education based on the knowledge and skills needed by businesses, industries, and communities in our society. We make an effort to adjust our teaching strategies to the growth and change in modern technology by placing an emphasis on hands-on learning, practical applications, and classroom activities that will prepare our students for entry level positions in the workforce.