Kinetic Wellness - Drivers Education

  • Driver Education - 1/2 credit (1 Semester)
    Graduation Requirement
    Lab Fee: $400; Instructional Permit $20.00 (2019-20 School year)
    The Driver Education Program is an integrated two-phase program taught over an 18-week semester. The two phases consist of classroom and behind the wheel (on street driving), which exceed the requirements set by the State of Illinois.
    Driver Education Eligibility: Students are eligible to sign up for classes if they fulfill the state requirements. Students are assigned into sections according to birth dates (when they turn 15) listed below
    Semester 1- March 1st- July 31st
    Semester 2- August 1st- December 31st
    State Requirements: Students must receive a passing grade in a minimum of eight (8) courses during the previous two (2) semesters. Students must then complete an application for instructional permit to the Secretary of State with a check for $20.00 along with passing a written permit test and vision test. Students must be 15 to obtain an instructional permit.
    Students must pass both the classroom and driving phases in order to be eligible to get their license. They must also attend a minimum of thirty 30 hours of classroom and drive for a total (BTW) of six (6) hours. State law also requires each student to complete fifty (50) hours of practice driving with an adult (outside of class) to qualify for an Illinois license. Ten (10) of those hours must be in night driving conditions. These fifty (50) hours must be documented on the student driver log sheet.

    Permit information: Students will receive a letter from the Driver Education department prior to the start of the term in which the students will be in the driver education class. This letter will contain information necessary to prepare for the permit test. Permit tests are now given during the first week of the driver education class. Permits are no longer given out prior to the start of the class.