• Bednarcik Junior High offers a variety of sports. Intramural sports are played after school. All students may participate in intramural sports. Interscholastic sports are played against other schools and are available for 7th & 8th grade students.    Sports physicals are required for all interscholastic sports. Students must have a sports physical in order to try out for an interscholastic sport. Sports physicals are valid for one year from the date they are given. Intramural sports require a user fee of $10 per sport and interscholastic sports assess a user fee of $40 per sport. Information to join these sports and clubs will be provided through morning/afternoon announcements at school. Please visit Bednarcik Junior High’s website for further information.
    Interscholastic Sports 7th & 8th Grades
    Soccer (boys) Ms. Lambrecht Fall
    Volleyball Ms. Kiernan (7th) Ms. Kensek(8th) Fall
    Wrestling (6th grd also) Mr. Haynes & Mr. Smykal Winter (Oct)
    Boys Basketball Mr. Senffner(8th) & Mr. Mann (7th)     Winter (Oct)
    Girls Basketball Mr. Morrison (8th) & Ms. Crema (7th) Winter (Oct)
    Spirit Squad Mrs. Kocher & Mrs. Phillips Winter (Jan)
    Cross Country (6TH grd also) Ms. Truemper & Mr. Linden Fall
    Track Ms. Truemper, Ms. Wydra, Mr. Linden, Ms. Crema Spring
    Soccer (girls) Ms. Lambrecht Spring
    Intramural Sports – All Grades
    Flag Football Mr. Neahring Fall
    Yoga Ms. Kiernan Winter
    Co-ed Basketball Mr. Blankenburg Winter
    Weightlifting Mr. Haynes Winter