• The following is an explanation of our classroom behavior management system. I will be discussing this further at Curriculum Night. However, since we will start implementing this system in our classroom before, I wanted to give you a brief explanation.


    Classroom Rules:

    1. Be kind to yourself and others.

    2. Raise your hand before speaking.

    3. Be a good listener.

    4. Use good manners.

    5. Always try your best.

    6. Complete your work on time.

    Behavior Management/Consequences:

    In an effort to create a positive and safe learning environment, the following explains the behavior management system we will implement in our classroom:

    Individual Incentives: Continued positive behavior and academics will be recognized and rewarded by earning “incentive tickets.” Each student will have his/her own bag in their desk to keep track of their tickets that they earn. Students may then cash in the tickets for a variety of prizes. The following tickets will earn you…

    10 tickets: Sit at the teacher’s desk

    15 tickets: Switch seats with a friend for the day

    20 tickets: Pick from the prize bin

    25 tickets: Lunch with the teacher

    30 tickets: A free homework pass

    35 tickets: Wear your favorite hat for the day

    40 tickets Lunch with two friends and the teacher

    50 tickets: Extra recess for the class.



    • It is the students’ responsibility to keep track of their ticket bag inside their desk. It is the students’ choice to cash tickets in to collect the smaller prizes or keep collecting tickets to work towards the bigger prizes. Once the student has earned the prize, they start over again. We will have an end of the year auction and some students save their tickets all year for the auction itemsJ

    Group Incentives

    To encourage whole group cooperation, the class will work towards “earning letters.” Letters will be either added/subtracted throughout the day based on the student’s choices. I will award letters based on good behavior in the hallway, compliments from other teachers, class participation, etc. Once we have earned our letters we will celebrate with some type of class party.


    Specials Schedule

    In Progress


    Assignment Notebooks

    Most students are familiar with assignment notebooks from 3rd grade. Students will be responsible for filling out their assignments to be completed. This is a great communication resource for parents and teachers. Please check over your child’s assignment notebook and sign it each day.




    Home Folders

    Students will have a home folder that comes to school and home every day with them. In this folder, the students should put homework for that day and any reminders or notes that the teachers need from the parents, and any graded work that is being sent home.

    Monthly Reports

    On the last Friday of the month your child will bring home a “monthly report.” This report will show student behavior, along with home/school work participation. This is not a report card! This is a good form of communication and place for you to see upcoming events and comments from our classroom. These need to be signed and returned with Friday folders on Monday.

    Friday Folders

    Every Friday, students will bring home an assigned folder with graded work, weekly reports, and school notices. These could be from the teacher or the office. These folders need to be returned every Monday.


    I am looking forward to a great new year! As always, please feel free to call or email me anytime with questions or concerns.


    Mrs. Woods