• Welcome to Sociology II with Ms. Davies! In Sociology II, we will examine the process of socialization, crime and deviance, social stratification, gender and family roles, and the sociology of education/religion. There will be lots of discussions and projects, but ultimately you will begin to look at your world differently than when you first entered this class!
    All of my class resources are on my Schoology website (www.schoology.com).  The students can access the site via a log-in that they already have.  Available on the site are all of the directions to my projects, assignments, readings, and a calendar.
    Parents! If you want access to your student's account, please send me and e-mail at sdavies@sd308.org and I will send you a Parent Access Code.  This will link you directly with your student's account so you can see what they see.
    Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.
    Ms. Davies