• Welcome!  So, you or your child is almost a junior high student...scary, right?!  Don't worry, we counselors specialize in being friendly, caring, and open to lots and lots of questions.  Here is some information that should help you get started.
    Thompson 2015 Step-Up information for parents.  Please note that this night is just for parents.  We appreciate the kids staying home. :)
    Come August, you'll want to pick up your schedule and try your locker (and gets lots of other necessary paperwork completed!).  Here's all the information you'll need.
    Scheduling information, also found on the "Scheduling Q&A" page.
    • Can my incoming 6th grader choose the classes he/she wants?
                Due to teacher resources and class size, most 6th graders are randomly assigned two of the following three 6th grade electives: Technology, Music, and Art.  Each of these classes runs for half the year.  Most 6th graders are also assigned a study hall as their second elective.  You are able to sign up for Band or Choir, which will replace the study hall.
    • How do I sign my incoming 6th grader up for Band or Choir?
                Please contact Mr. Harrison for Band and Mrs. Kleinmaier for Choir.
    •  What if my child is recommended for an intervention class?
                If your child is recommended for Math Dynamics, Literacy Dynamics, or an Intervention Study Hall this class will replace one of the elective periods.