Snack, Lunch & Recess

    Your child may eat one healthy snack daily, during the scheduled snack time.  Per the school handbook, please refrain from snacks that are high in sugar. A healthy snack helps students through the morning and stimulates their brain.


    Please plan on homework assignments every night in math and reading. Some days there will be more homework than others. Homework in the remote environment is even more essential. It is either an extension of what was learned in class that day or preparation for the next day's lesson, and therefore it is vital to have it completed on time. Fourth graders show responsibility by completing expected homework each night. It is helpful if there is a routine at home, for checking the homework and planner to be sure all is correct and complete. If homework is missed, a student’s learning will be impacted the following day. The student will still need to complete the missed homework assignment.


    Student Planner

    Each child will have a Student Planner that will be filled out each day. Your child will write the learning objectives for each subject, every morning in class. At the end of each day, students will highlight the objectives that are homework, and check off what has been completed during the school day. The planner is a great way for students to plan their days and weeks, and reflect on what he/she learns and accomplishes at school each day. Other useful information recorded in your child’s planner may include important dates, extra curriculars, and reminders. It is the student's responsibility to take care of his/her Planner and keep it in their Binder.



    Students will assemble their binders in class. The binder will house all materials for every subject including homework, some supplies, and blank notebook paper, as well as pages of the Math & ELA 4th grade Common Core State Standards (CCSS). These pages state the skills students will learn over the course of 4th grade. Students will file each graded assignment under the correct subject. We will restock supplies and ensure organization of the binders weekly. The binders are a great tool for students to stay organized, and for both students and parents to stay informed on the student's academic progress. 


    Communicate 308

    As your child’s teachers, we use the contact info listed on the Tyler System to get in touch with you. In order to keep an open communication, please be sure your phone number and email address is accurate on Tyler. Families will receive most school-wide announcements electronically through email rather than in a pocket folder. Please sign up to receive our school news and flyers at the following link: https://www.sd308.org/domain/186