• Visual Arts Curriculum  

     Focusing on the Common Core and STE(A)M

    The new National Common Core Learning Standards for the Visual and Performing Arts can all be found here: 




       ART EXHIBIT OPPORTUNITIES   The District 308 Junior High Art Program offers students opportunities for creative growth and expression through various methods of study and exploration.  Students have many opportunities and are encouraged to exhibit their work throughout the school year. 

    The Sandwich Fair Art Show and the Grundy County Corn Festival Art Show are both approaching quickly.  Check their websites out for more information! *Not occuring this 2020-2021 school year 

    The Annual Junior High Art Exhibition rotates between schools, and will be held here at Thompson this year!  

    The Chicagoland 4x5 Art Exhibition held at Oswego High School

    The Oswego Public Library also displays student artwork during 

    Youth Art Month, in March. 

    The Oswego Chamber of Commerce Business and Consumer Expo also provides a juried art show, open to all students K-12, in the OHS field house in April.



    The 2-Dimensional Design course is designed to build on students prior art knowledge. 

    Students begin utilizing technology by creating digital portfolios via Google Classroom.

    Their first project begins with the exploration of the pencil as a tool; learning how to use line to draw in perspective, how to shade using 7 key components (highlight, light values, middle values, dark values, core shadow, cast shadow, and reflected light), and how to utilize a variety of drawing tools including pencils ranging from 4H to 6B, kneaded (gum) erasers, and blending stumps (tortillons). 

    We focus on learning how to draw what you SEE, not what you KNOW.

    Students learn how to create portraits and focus on their painting skills throughout the next unit, creating a finished large-scale portrait in chalk pastel.  

    Later in the semester, students experiment with charcoal, colored pencil, marker, water color, and additional two-dimensional media.


    Possible Projects:


    Observational Drawing


    Portrait Drawing





    Figure Drawing


    Radial Symmetry


    The 3-Dimensional Sculpture course is designed to build on students prior knowledge of three-dimensional art.  

    Students may create jewelry while experimenting with glass bead making, using MAP gas torches.

    Students will be introduced to fiber arts, creating either a burlap/wire sculpture or using a loom to create a hat they can wear home.

    Students will create a small scale sculpture, using found objects and recyclables.

    Students also have the opportunity to create clay-mation films and work with pottery clay; creating other forms of three-dimensional media before the end of the semester.


    Possible Projects:

    Altered Books

    Aluminum Can Sculpture 

    Tin Foil Sculpture and Shadow Casting 


    Cardboard Sculpture

    Fiber Arts


    Large Scale Sculpture

    Jewelry; Glass Bead Making

    Glass Slumping

    Foil Tooling

    Plaster Craft Maskmaking


    Clay Animation

    Digital/Electronic Portfolios