• A Classroom with Purpose!

    The purpose of my class is to help students:


    Discipline themselves to achieve true freedom.
    Recognize the value and uniqueness of themselves and others.
    Enjoy learning.
    Attain their goals.
    Master the material. 

    In my classroom, I want students to discipline themselves so that they can be truly free. In today`s culture, there is a false idea that true freedom comes from a lack of restrictions. In a sense this frees us to do what we want, but our actions will always reap consequences that will reduce or enlarge our present choices or freedoms. A fish that jumps out of a fishbowl onto a counter may consider himself truly free from the constraint of the restrictive fishbowl, but unfortunately he will die and lose even the limited freedom he had within those confines. Students who discipline themselves now, will have more opportunities when they graduate. I want my students to recognize that doing whatever they want will not lead to freedom in the future. It is through discipline that they will have true freedom tomorrow.


    In my classroom, I want students to recognize their value and uniqueness of themselves and others. The value of a student in my classroom is not based on how well he or she does in my class. Nor is value based how well you can throw a football or how pretty you look. Those traits could be lost in an instant. My students have great value as individuals simply because they are alive. In addition, they each have a part in this world where they can excel. They are each a unique creation. I want them to recognize this truth and explore who they are. I want them to know that this is my view of each of them. I want them to share that same idea about their classmates.


    In my classroom, I want students to enjoy learning. Learning can be fun and exciting. It should not stop once we reach 18, but should continue for our lifetime. I want my students to continue in the pursuit of knowledge long after they leave my classroom. By making my class enjoyable, students will catch the idea that learning is enjoyable. I want them to know that learning is cool.


    In my classroom, I want students to attain their goals. In order to achieve their goals, students must have goals - so in my classroom we set goals. We set goals both for life and for the particular class. As the year goes on, students evaluate their progress . If they are off target, then plans are made to get back on course. Goals are important to motivation. If there is a finishing line, the race is run harder.


    In my classroom, I want students to master the topic that I am teaching. I teach mathematics. I want every student to leave with a complete understanding of what we have covered in the course. If students understand the first four parts, this one is easier to attain. Whether the students attain the first four parts or not, they must show me that they have at least mastered an elementary level of skills and knowledge of the course to move on to the next level of mathematics.