• Classroom Policies

    Current for 2021/22 School Year

    These policies were passed out on the first day of class. They should be in each student`s binder.


    Students are expected to have:

    Honors Geometry AP Statistics
    Three ring binder
    Dividers for binder
    Loose leaf paper
    Graph paper
    Calculator  (TI-84+ preferred)
    Colored Pencils
    Paper Binder
    Graph paper
    Calculator (TI-84+)      
    Colored Pencils


     Grade  A  B  C  D E
    Score Range   90-100%  80-89%  70-79%  60-69%  0-59% 
    Grades are weighted according to the following values for these classes:
    Honor Geometry AP Statistics      
    Assignments - 10%       Assignments - 10%
    Quizzes - 30% Assessments - 70%
    Tests - 45% Comprehensive Assessments - 20%
    Unit Exams - 15%  
    Each test is equally weighted at 100 points unless otherwise noted in class
    1 to 3 quizzes per chapter
    missed quizzes are not be made up, they receive points based on the percentage of the chapter test
    based on total points
    Assessments: (AP Stats only)
    Tests and Quizzes are combined into this one category.  Tests are all weighted at 100 points and Quizzes have varying values.
    Daily assignments are worth 4 points unless otherwise specified.
       4: all problems attempted
       3: more than 75% of problems attempted and corrected
       2: more than 50% of problems attempted and corrected
       1: more than 25% of problems attempted and corrected
       0: less than 50% of problems attempted and corrected
    Additional 1 point deductions: illegibility,incorrect heading, incorrect format, not written in pencil, not commenting
       Correct Heading:
          Stew Dent
          January 18 2011
          1.1 p10 #1-37 odd

    Classroom Rules
    • Be in the room on time. Begin the opening activity immediately. When you are tardy, sign in, and if you have a pass, put it in the mug.
    • Be prepared. No passes will be given for forgotten materials. No passes will be given for forgotten materials. You have 5 passes for the bathroom and 5 passes for late assignments - use them wisely. All food and drink should be disposed of before class. Electronic devices need to out of sight and quiet.
    • Be in your seat listening unless given permission or instructed to do otherwise.
    • Be a positive participant. Be involved in the class discussions– give answers and/or ideas. Take notes. Correct your work. Seek help when you have questions.
    • Be a person of character.
    • Be aware of the policies in the student handbook. They apply in this classroom.
    • Strive to achieve the DREAM.
    Most minor infractions will receive 1 verbal warning. A second infraction will result in a detention to be served by the following Tuesday or Thursday in room 101. Each detention will involve a resolution and restitution process to promote positive behavior. Continued infractions will result in parent/guardian contact and a dean referral, if necessary. Consequences for major infractions will not follow this plan, but will jump to the level appropriate for the infraction.
    Cheating is a serious offense and will not be tolerated. It violates all of the character pillars. It will result in a 0 for the assignment, quiz or test and a parent/guardian contact. A second offense will result in a greater consequence.
    Rights and Responsibilities:
    You have the right to a quality education. As with all rights, there are corresponding responsibilities. You have the responsibility to act as a person of character in order to insure that other students` rights to that same quality education are preserved. You have the responsibility to work hard to realize your dreams