• Classroom Policies

    Current for 2022/23 School Year

    These policies were passed out on the first day of class. They should be in each student`s binder.


    Students are expected to have:

    Honors Geometry AP Statistics
    Colored Pencils
    Loose leaf paper (special sprials)
    Graph paper
    Calculator  (TI-84+ preferred)
    Graph paper
    Calculator (TI-84+)      
    Colored Pencils


     Grade  A  B  C  D E
    Score Range   90-100%  80-89%  70-79%  60-69%  0-59% 
    Grades are weighted according to the following values for these classes:
    Honor Geometry AP Statistics      
    Assignments - 10%       Assignments - 10%
    Quizzes - 30% Assessments - 70%
    Tests - 45% Comprehensive Assessments - 20%
    Unit Exams - 15%  
    Each test is equally weighted at 100 points unless otherwise noted in class
    1 to 3 quizzes per chapter
    missed quizzes are not be made up, they receive points based on the percentage of the chapter test
    based on total points
    Assessments: (AP Stats only)
    Tests and Quizzes are combined into this one category.  Tests are all weighted at 100 points EACH and Quizzes have varying values.
    Daily assignments are worth 4 points unless otherwise specified.
       4: all problems attempted
       3: more than 75% of problems attempted and corrected
       2: more than 50% of problems attempted and corrected
       1: more than 25% of problems attempted and corrected
       0: less than 50% of problems attempted and corrected
    Additional 1 point deductions: illegibility,incorrect heading, incorrect format, not written in pencil, not commenting
       Correct Heading:
          Stew Dent
          1.1 p10 #1-37 odd

    Classroom Rules
    • Be in the room on time. Begin the opening activity immediately. When you are tardy, sign in, and if you have a pass, put it in the mug.
    • Be prepared. No passes will be given for forgotten materials. No passes will be given for forgotten materials. You have 5 passes for the bathroom and 5 passes for late assignments - use them wisely. All food and drink should be disposed of before class. Electronic devices need to out of sight and quiet.
    • Be in your seat listening unless given permission or instructed to do otherwise.
    • Be a positive participant. Be involved in the class discussions– give answers and/or ideas. Take notes. Correct your work. Seek help when you have questions.
    • Be a person of character.
    • Be aware of the policies in the student handbook. They apply in this classroom.
    • Strive to achieve the DREAM.
    Most minor infractions will receive 1 verbal warning. A second infraction will result in a detention to be served by the following Tuesday or Thursday in room 101. Each detention will involve a resolution and restitution process to promote positive behavior. Continued infractions will result in parent/guardian contact and a dean referral, if necessary. Consequences for major infractions will not follow this plan, but will jump to the level appropriate for the infraction.
    Cheating is a serious offense and will not be tolerated. It violates all of the character pillars. It will result in a 0 for the assignment, quiz or test and a parent/guardian contact. A second offense will result in a greater consequence.
    Rights and Responsibilities:
    You have the right to a quality education. As with all rights, there are corresponding responsibilities. You have the responsibility to act as a person of character in order to insure that other students` rights to that same quality education are preserved. You have the responsibility to work hard to realize your dreams
    A Policy:
    If you get 2 A’s on successive chapter tests you may choose the practice homework you need to do.  You will receive full credit for all “practice” assignments in that chapter.  Should you get lower than an A on any test, you will have to again get A’s on 2 successive tests to regain the option of the A Policy.