• Homework Policy


    Homework needs to be completed and returned on time. Many times, the homework assigned is critical to participation in our next class. It is an integral part of preparing students to be ready to discuss, ask questions, and build upon prior learning. Homework can serve different learning purposes, including extending learning, reinforcing concepts, and preparing students for upcoming lessons by encouraging further thoughts and questions. Homework also helps learners to develop positive work and study habits.

    If an assignment is late, the student will sign the class homework notebook the day it is due. The exception is if part or all of the assignment was not understood or 30 minutes was spent on the assignment and the student still did not understand, the parent may write a brief note of explanation with a signature to excuse the late assignment. Once the late assignment is completed and submitted, credit will be earned for the completed assignment.


    Behavior Policy 

    STEP 1: If a student chooses not to follow the classroom expectations, a verbal warning will be given for the first offense. The teacher will redirect the student.

    STEP 2: If a student has a second incident, the teacher will move the student to limit distractions or other appropriate actions to help assist the student towards refocusing on learning. The student may be asked to write a list of expected behavior choices and acquire a parent signature on the list. The teacher will call or email home to communicate if warranted.

    STEP 3: Upon the third incident an office referral will be given.