• Fifth Grade Art Lessons

    Word wall words are written in all CAPS the first time they are used in each grade level. 

    1. Name Tag- Students will learn a bit about artist CHUCK BAIRD.  Students will trace their own hand or a hand template which spells their first name in AMERICAN SIGN LANGUAGE.  Hand will be traced with BLACK SHARPIE.  Students will find and TRACE their first name letters with PENCIL ovelaping the hand drawn depicting that letter.  Letters will be traced with COLORED SHARPIE including colors from one of the following COLOR FAMILIES; WARM COLORS, COOL COLORS, NEUTRAL COLORS, PRIMARY COLORS, or SECONDARY COLORS.  Letters will be filled in with CRAYON with a second color family.   BACKGROUND will be colored in crayon with a third color family. Students will be introduced to the art RUBRIC. Each child will fill out their own rubric once they complete the lesson.