• This year students will practice math through our daily math lessons, and also through our morning calendar routines. 
    Some of the things we will practice during the first trimester include:
    *Counting to 100 by 1s.
    *Counting to 100 by 10s.
    *Writing numbers 0-20
    *Comparing numbers (greater than, less than, and equal) up to 10 objects
    *Describing objects by shape and by their positions (above, below, etc.) 
    Mathematics Curriculum 
    The Math Curriculum Team in School District 308 has worked collaboratively since August 2013 to develop and Early Childhood - 12th grade Mathematics Curriculum for our students.  Implemented in 2014-2015, the mathematics curriculum is aligned to the New Illinois Learning Standards (Common Core).
    My Math by McGraw-Hill Education 
    My Math is the School District 308 primary resource for mathematics K-5 instruction.  My Math was built on the Common Core State Standards and provides an engaging and challenging program for our elementary students.  There are many components to this program that students and parents can utilize at home. Below is a link to the online resource.   
    My Math online resources include tutorials, videos, student workbook, vocabulary cards, games, etc.   We encourage all students and parents to utilize this resource.  Students will receive a My Math login in September