• Assignment Notebooks and Expectations  - AVID!

    Everyday (except Fridays), as a class at the end of the day we write down all the HW assignments.  Students will bring home their AN and a take home folder.

    Most nights, students will not have HW.  I try to avoid having homework over the weekends but sometimes circumstances cause students to have to finish work over the weekend.

    I communicate responsibility everyday and expect students to not only write down their assignments, but to remember to complete their work and turn it in on time.  If students fail to do this they have to sign THE BOOK.  The consequences for signing THE BOOK is 5 minutes off our class monthly incentive.


    Bi-weekly 4W Reflections

    Every other week, your child will bring home a report.  This reflection/report shows student behavior, home/school work, and participation throughout the week.  This is a good form of communication and a place for you to see upcoming events and comments from me about your student during that particular weeks.  These weekly reflections need to be signed by a parent and returned by Monday.


    Graded Work and Notes

    ·  I encourage students to take home tests and quizzes for parents to view.

    ·  All graded items will be going home with your student on Thursdays in their home folder.  This helps avoid papers getting mixed up with notes.

    ·  All notes will be sent home Friday in their Friday folders.

    ·  Any tests/quizzes that are grades of D or F can be corrected for a higher grade but need to be signed by a parent.