AP Human Geography - Pre-Unit 1 Lesson Plans


    Day 1: Wednesday 8/18/21

    Objective: Students will show a picture of themselves from their phone and answer a couple of questions so we can get to know each other.


    1. Get to Know Each Other Activity (3 Questions)

    HW: None    


    Day 2: Thursday 8/19/21

    Objective: Students will learn learn about the school and Mr. Johnson


    1. “Who am I”  PPT (10 Min)
    2. Questions about the School / Logistics
    3. Hand out the Google Classroom Code

    HW: None


    Day 3: Friday 8/20/21

    Objective: Students will learn what topics they will learn about in AP Human Geography.  Students will learn how to navigate through Mr. Johnson’s website and Google Classroom.


    1. Watch the video, “Intro to AP Human Geography” and the “AP Topic” video (5 Min)
    2. Unit Overviews PPT (10 Min.)

    - Hand out APHUG Unit Outline Sheet. Students should read through it.

    1. Demonstrate how to use Mr. Johnson’s website (10 Min.)

    HW: Read through the syllabus that I sent them on Google Classroom



    Day 4: Monday 8/23/21

    Objective: Students will go over the main points of the AP Human Geography Course


    1. Go over the main points of the AP Human Geography syllabus (15 Min.)
    2. Explain saving all work on their computer in Unit folders for future AP Test review and to stay organized.
    3. Discuss PPT: What to expect on the AP Human Geography test (10 min)

             - 2 hours 15 min

             - 75 MC-60 min and 3 FRQS-75 min

             - 50% of the grade is MC/50% of the grade is FRQ’s

             - Must get a 3 or better to pass

              - Thursday, May 5th - Test Date

    1. Go over the results for the past several years. (5 Min)

    HW:  Read through the Advice from former students handout



    Day 5: Tuesday 8/24/21

    Objective:  Students will learn about how to create an FRQ and then will write a practice FRQ 


    1. ABCDs of FRQ Writing PPT (20 min)
    2. Explain the practice “Vacation” FRQ (5 Min)
    3. Vacation FRQ will be assigned on Google Classroom

    HW:  Vacation FRQ due before class tomorrow.


    Day 6: Wednesday 8/25/21

    Objective: Students will evaluate and score their practice Vacation FRQ. Students will be introduced to why we study human geography


    1. I will go over how to properly answer the FRQ & students will score their essay. (15 Min)
    2.  “Why study geography?” PPT (15 min)

    - Students will take notes

    1. Show an example of a detailed finished Key Issue packet

    HW: Read Ch. 1, Key Issue #1 and complete the reading guide due tomorrow.