•   This year, you and your child will be able to order books from the Scholastic Book Clubs.  I will be sending out monthly book club orders where you and your child can select books to   purchase. I like to give you this opportunity as these books are both educational and  inexpensive (most books are priced below retail).  If your child wishes to order books, I ask that you please follow the guidelines listed below. Once I place the   order, the books usually arrive in one week. 

         Book Ordering Instructions:


    ****Please make checks payable directly to "Scholastic Book Clubs".

    ****If you are ordering from more than one club, you only need to write one check for the total cost of all books, again made payable to “Scholastic Book Clubs”.


    ****Please put order forms and checks in an envelope. Write your child’s name on the top of each order form and on the outside of the envelope.  

    ****You can also order online! Our classroom code is


    To enter your child's order...click here>>>>>
    Thank you!