Degrees and Certifications:

Important Information

Snack Time

Your child needs to bring a healthy snack everyday. MUST BE PEANUT/TREE NUT FREE!  If your child chooses to bring a water bottle, please be sure thier name is on it. If your child is bringing a lunch from home, please pack the snack separately so that it does not get enjoyed during lunchtime! 

Suggested Snacks:

Vegetables (cut, washed, and ready to eat)

Fruit (cut, washed, and ready to eat)


Other Helpful Hints:

Snack time will only be 10 minutes.  Please make sure your child is self sufficient in preparing and eating his/her own snack. Snacks should not be shared with other students. Snack should be eaten without the use of knives!


Brain Break Towel

Your child needs 1 handtowel that they will use as a pillow during our daily brain break. Our "brain break" allows our minds, bodies, and brains to practice quiet time in order to be mindful of our emotional and learning needs. During this time I also incorporate a Mindfulness Practice which includes quiet music, calm breathing, and stories/phrases to ease our minds. 

Daily Folder/ BEE Folder  

Please help your child develop organization skills and responsibility by bringing thier Daily Folder to school and home EVERY DAY. This will help build responsibility in our students. The Daily Folder is a resource for checking your child`s behavior daily and I have also included resources to help you support your child at home. These resources are a wonderful way to practice academic skills at home with your child! 


Pick Up/Drop Off Procedures

Arrival: Car drop-off students enter main door by the main office. Please note that all parents are required to stay in thier vehicle during arrival and dismissal.   

Dismissal: Car pick-ups will enter the front circle of the drive and remain in thier vehicles during the dismissal process. Only authorized adults may pick up your child.  
Change in Transportation: A note or e-mail is required for any changes in transportation. Please state your child`s name, teacher, day of change, change being made, and sign the note or email.

Lunch Money

You may contact Aramark in regards to any questions you may have about setting up or accessing your child`s lunch account. If you choose to send in cash/check, it MUST be in an envelope or baggy labeled with your child`s name, teacher, and amount enclosed.


Please be sure to check backpacks each night so your child is ready for the next day activities. Every child needs to be read to each night to help us build strong readers. Later in the year you will be given information regarding “Baggy Books.” Baggy Books are to be read each night by your child and you will need to sign the baggy book log located in the daily folder.

P.E News

Students are required to have tennis shoes in order to participate in P.E. Please note that if your child does not have tennnis shoes on, they will not be allowed to participate in P.E.  I would suggest sending in an extra pair of P.E shoes that can be left here at school and returned in May. Our P.E teachers welcome velcro shoes and encourages them in order to ensure students are safe during P.E. Please write your child`s name somewhere on the P.E shoes and those will be stored here at school.


No food items are allowed for birthdays as stated in the District 308 Handbook. Birthday party invitations are not to be handed out at school unless all boys, all girls, or all kindergarteners in the classroom are invited. We do not allow children to pass out invitations to only a few students as stated in the District 308 Handbook. Please refer to the Prairie Point Directory for contact information for families. 

Here are a few ideas for celebrating your child's birthday:

- Donate a book to the class

- Pencils, stickers

- Be a Mystery Reader that day! Please contact me if you would like to celebrate this way and we will set up a time.

Summer birthdays will be scheduled toward the end of our school year. A note with their assigned special day will be sent later in the year.  

Vacation Days

If you will be taking off of school time for a vacation, you must fill out a "Leave of Absence" form in the office or the absence will be unexcused. The office asks that these be completed 2 weeks prior to the scheduled vacation in order for all the paperwork to be completed.