Degrees and Certifications:

Behavior System

 Each day every child puts their star on green.

The behavior system is as follows:

*Star starts on green

1st offense: Given a verbal warning

2nd offense: Asked to move their star to yellow

3rd offense: Asked to move their star to the next yellow

4th offense: Asked to move their star to red

          All children who stay on green the whole day will be given a bucket filler stamp in the take home journal. If a child moves their star to yellow  and at the end of the day is has remained on yellow, then they will be given a yellow mark. This is so you know that your child moved their star that day. If a child moves their star to red, you will be given a note stating the child`s actions that lead them to red. You and your child will need to sign it and send it back to school the next day.

          I believe that everyday is a new beginning! The children know that if they move their star it means they need to think about what they did and make better choices the next day. Each day the children come in they start on green, regardless of their behavior the day before.

          As you can see I give the children a verbal warning before they have to move their star. This is in hopes that they will correct their behavior and won`t have to move into the yellow or red zone. Therefore, you also know they were given on opportunity to make better choices before having toamove their star also have the opportunity to move thier star back to green.