Degrees and Certifications:

Classroom Volunteers

 Who is welcome? 

Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, Sibling home from college, or special family member 

*Regular volunteers, weekly,  must be fingerprinted for security reasons. The main office will be able to let you know all that you need to do.  

*Volunteers please report to the main office to sign in. You will receive a visitors badge and then may proceed to the classroom.

What will you help with?

Working one on one with children, working in small groups, being a guest reader, clerical work, and jumping right in with whatever we are learning at the time!   


In our classroom! 


Volunteers begin in October and are welcome until the end of May. If you would like to help in the classroom please fill out the monthly calendar that is sent home each month. Once I have compiled a master calendar I will send it back home so you know your scheduled date and time! If you have a free day you would also like to come and read to the children just send a note to school with your child and I will contact you!

If you are not able to come into the classroom, but would like to volunteer your time with at-home projects- we would LOVE your help! Please sign up at Curriculum Night and I will send home projects as help is needed!

Why are volunteers important?

I feel volunteers help support my goal as a teacher to make sure that all childrens needs are being met. I also LOVE having an extra set of helping hands in the classroom! The children love when helpers are in the classroom and parents always enjoy learning all that happens during a Kindergarten day. I truly appreciate your willingness to help!