7th Language Arts and Literature




    Springboard English Language Arts



    Welcome to Bednarcik Junior High! I hope that you are all as excited to be here as I am to have you as part of my class.  We will accomplish a lot with your help in following the classroom rules and expectations.




    1.     Respect everyone


    2.     Respect your environment


    3.     Respect education



    Classroom rules:


    1. Be in your seat. When the bell rings you are in your seat.  This does not mean near your seat or walking in the door.  If you are not in your seat, you are tardy. On your desk you should have your homework out and be working on the bell activity.

    2. Raise your hand When Mrs. Herrick is speaking no one else should be.  This works the same when another student has permission to speak.  Please raise your hand and wait to be called on before speaking.

    3. Be prepared. You are expected to come to class prepared.  At the beginning of each period you should check the dry erase board outside of my classroom to see what you need for that day. PLEASE REMEMBER TO SHARPEN YOUR PENCIL AND GET ANY SUPPLIES YOU NEED BEFORE CLASS STARTS!

    4. Complete work on timeAll homework should be completed on time.  I keep past assignments written down on the blue month poster.  Extra handouts can be found in the old handout box at the front of the classroom.  Please refer to the Homework Policy for more information on late/absent work.

    5.      DO YOUR BEST!


     Discipline Policy

    1.     1. Verbal warning

    2.     2. Loss of class privileges

    3. Phone call home
    4. Repetitive behavior - detention 
    5. Conduct referral 


    Mrs. Herrick’s Homework Policies


    *Parents are encouraged to establish a definite routine at home for their student’s supervised study and completion of assignments.

    *Students are expected to write down each daily assignment in their assignment notebook. (It is listed on the whiteboard everyday.)

    *Students returning from illness are given the same number of days as their absence plus one day to complete their work for credit.

    *Students with prearranged absences or vacation should turn in all their assignments the day they return to regular class.

    *CHEATING BY STUDENTS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED! This includes the exchange of papers for the purpose of copying another student's work or answers. A grade of “zero” will be given automatically and immediately to ALL students involved.

    *LATE HOMEWORK POLICY! All homework, papers, projects, and take-home tests are due at the beginning of class.  An assignment left in a locker is considered late.

    Late Homework is 1/2 credit for the first 48 hours and then 0% after that.

    *Late/missing major papers, projects, and take-home tests will receive a cumulative 10% deduction for each day it is late (i.e. 1 day late = 10% grade deduction, 2 days late = 20% grade deduction).

    Grading Policy
    All grades are weighted and this is consistent among all  Bednarcik Jr. High Language Arts teachers. Grades are divided into three categories Summative assessment, Formative assessment, and Homework/Classwork. Each category has examples of possible assignments that would fall under those headings. Please note that some assignments may move between categories depending on purpose and content.

    Common Grading:

    • 55% Summative Assessment

    • 35% Formative Assessment

    • 10% Homework/Classwork

    Possible Grading Assignments


    Summative 55%

    Formative 35%

    Homework 10%


    Embedded Assessments

    End of Unit Tests


    Check Your Understanding

    Key Ideas and Details

    Writing Prompts

    Short Cycle Assessments

    Socratic Seminars


    Graphic Organizers

    Projects ( Survivor Book Talk 6th)

    Work Cited

    Thesis Statements

    Formative Assessments

       Check Your Understanding 




    Learning Target Tracking Sheet

    Group Work


    Practice Debate/Panel Discussion/Socratic/Oral Presentation


    Graphic Organizers

    Check Your Understanding


    Lit/Reading Logs

    Book Talks (6th grade)