• Standards-Based Grading

    As of the 2019-2020 school year, all elementary music students will be graded based on the Illinois Arts Standards. Below you will find a breakdown of the four main categories of standards, which are based around essential skills in music. When reviewing your student's grade in Mastery Connect, please keep in mind that grades entered are just a snapshot of students' current progress. Each standard represents a unique skill that we will be working on throughout the entire year so that students have the opportunity to learn and grow in all areas of their musical development.



    Improvisation- using musical knowledge and personal ideas to create music in real time

    Creating Melody- using pitch to create tuneful musical works

    Creating Rhythm- using beat and time to create musical works

    Refine and Present Created Music



    Demonstrate and Discuss Musical Concepts

    Performing Melody

    Performing rhythm

    Application of Feedback to Performance

    Performing Music for a Specific Purpose

    Performing Appropriately for an Audience



    Making a personal connection to music informed by perspective and experiences related to expressive qualities



    Understanding of how personal preferences affect music

    Understanding of relationships between music and other contexts and disciplines