Language Arts

  • Language Arts Department Testing and Retake Policy

    Retakes of any type of assessment are at the teacher’s discretion and may include completion of the following:

    1. Correction of incorrect answers with explanation of the correct answer.
    2. Students who have not completed all formative assessments, practice assessments, or other skills based assignments will be required to complete this work in addition to extra instructional materials suggested.
    3. Students must provide evidence of extra instructional materials or practice they have completed.

    (ELA teachers will provide a list of good website resources or print resources to get practice.)

    1. Students have five school days from when the assessments are returned to retake the assessment. (unless extenuating circumstances)**
    2. Retake forms will be on the teacher’s website.


    SpringBoard, the new ELA resource for grades 6-12, is published by the College Board, a well regarded company that creates the Advanced Placement assessments for high school students. Traughber students will benefit from the rigor and high expectations provided in this resource.
    Common Features
    The SpringBoard resource is vertically aligned throughout the secondary level. The common features of this resource found at each level
    Embedded Assessments: The two Embedded Assessments in each unit are organized around tasks and questions that guide thinking and analysis.
    Vocabulary Study: Literary and academic terms taught in context.
    Close Reading: Strategies for reading with meaning and purpose.
    Writing Instruction: Workshops focused on the organization and craft of writing.
    Grammar: Interwoven into the lessons. Mini lessons and teachable moments are covered throughout the text.
    Your child will be assessed throughout the school year, both formally and informally.
    The Embedded Assessments and smaller summative (formal, graded) assessments will be given throughout the district.
    Formative assessments (progress checks) will be given throughout the school year to check for understanding.
    Students will have fewer weighted grades than in past years.
    How will this look in a grade book?
    Skills learned in our new curriculum will build upon each other as students progress through the program.
    Fewer assessments will be given for weighted grades.
    You will see more formative, ungraded progress checks as each skill is learned. In the grade book, formative assessments will be labeled as
    “practice” and counted as a “zero weight.”
    Though the formative assessments may not count as a grade, you will be able to see your child’s progress towards mastery of the skills.
    What should I do to help my child?
    User Names and Passwords will be given to students by their Language Arts teachers.
    Communicate with your child and teacher
    Ask your child, “What did you learn today? What strategies did you use during your reading, discussing, and writing?”
    Reinforce the skills your students are learning
    Have patience!