Social Studies

  • Social Studies Department Testing and Retake Policy

    Summative Assessments:

    ~Retakes will be allowed on all Summative Assessments with the following guidelines.

    ~Students must have demonstrated consistent growth and effort over the duration of the unit.

    ~Students have made corrections to the previous test. These corrections can be made during Lunch Study Hall or at other times agreed upon by the

    student and the teacher.

    ~Retake is completed within 10 school days. The previous grade will be recorded until the retake is completed.

    ~Retakes will be revised version of the original.

    ~Students have the responsibility of setting a time and place for the retake within the normal school day unless other arrangements have been discussed with the teacher (mornings or after school).


    Formative Assessments:

    ~Retakes on these assessments will be at the discretion of the teacher.


    Long term Projects:

    ~Retakes on long term projects will not be allowed except for extenuating circumstances discussed between the teacher and the student.

    ~This retake policy is subject to change if the actions of the students warrant such revision. Students not making consistent growth over the course of the unit will be assigned to the Lunch Learning Lab to help them get back on pace.

    ~This Policy will be discussed with all students at the start of the year, and the policy will be communicated to parents at this time also.