PE and Health

  • PE and Health Department Testing and Retake Policy

    Students will be given the opportunity to retake tests/quizzes within five days from when the graded test is handed back . The students will need to provide documentation showing that they have prepared for the retake with any of the following: student generated study guide, corrections to the original test, practice work, or another activity previously agreed upon by the teacher and student.  All retakes are up to the teacher's discretion.
    Dress Policy :
    It is an expectation and district/school policy that students dress in full PE uniform (shirt, shorts, and athletic shoes) daily.  Students may wear cold weather appropriate clothing that is PE specific.  Disciplinary steps can be given at teacher discretion.  If further intervention is needed, parent contact will be made and/or administration will be asked for assistance.
    Grading Policy:
    Teachers give the students either 5 or 10 points daily for participation.  If students are not dressed for PE class they will still be expected to participate to the best of their ability.  If they are not in complete uniform they will not receive the full points for the day.  It is nearly impossible, and a safety issue for a student to participate to their maximum capability in jeans, flip flops, etc.