We are looking forward to a fun-filled year in our physical education classes. I hope this syllabus will help answer any questions or concerns you may have about my class.   My ultimate goal is to help you/your child have a great learning experience and lay the foundation for life long fitness by making it fun and meaningful to each student.

    Mission Statement

    The Physical Education Department strives to instill in each student the value of physical activity so that they can develop healthy lifestyle habits, which leads to a lifetime of excellence in health and overall wellness.


    Each student receives a total of 5 semesters of physical education during junior high school, along with 1 semester of health. Most physical education units are 3 weeks in length and consist of skill testing, written tests regarding rules and strategies, and game participation. During each unit our staff will review the skills students need to participate in these activities and help them build the confidence they need to feel successful. Your child does not need to be highly skilled in order to achieve a good grade.

    **Please note that participation and responsibility are very important in physical education class. If your child comes to class dressed every day, participates to the best of his/her ability, and works hard to improve physically, he/she can achieve an A or B for this class.


    1. Each student must wear the required Junior High Physical Education uniform. All uniforms must be in good shape.

    2. Uniforms include a t-shirt that is printed with "Oswego Phys Ed" and blue jersey shorts. The cost for the uniform is $20. Each student must purchase a uniform at the beginning of the year if they do not already have one. This uniform will be used at the high school also. If your child loses the uniform, they may purchase a new one at any time. Each piece of the uniform costs $10.

    3. Each student must wear a pair of athletic type shoes and socks. They do not need to have a separate pair of athletic shoes for class, but if they are going to wear sandals to school, they will need to bring shoes and socks with them to class. We suggest that students keep an extra pair of shoes in their PE locker, but do not require it. If a student doesn't have the appropriate shoes for PE, they will not be allowed to participate.

    4. During the colder months that we are outside, students may wear sweats and a sweatshirt that they have brought from home, for class use only. They may not wear a sweatshirt they wore to school! This is for safety and personal hygiene reasons, but also so that they do not ruin their winter jackets and clothes. These sweats can be any color, as long as they are only for physical education class.  Students will be ASKED to take their PE uniform home every weekend to be cleaned

    Locks and Lockers

    All students are issued a lock at the beginning of the school year.  It must be a school issued lock.  Students must lock up their clothes and belongings daily.  If you have a faulty lock or lose your lock, please notify your teacher immediately.  It will be a five dollars fee to replace lost locks.  Generally, students that have items taken from them are not locking up their things, or have lost their lock and did not tell the teacher.  Communicating with the teacher and replacing lost locks can help.   

    Tardy to Class

    Students are expected to be in the locker room by the time the bell sounds to start class. After the bell has sounded, students have 4 minutes to be dressed and seated in the gym. If students are marked tardy, each offense will be documented.  Excessive tardies will result in detentions.

    Medical and Parent Excuse Notes

    We understand fully that students can become injured or ill at some point in time. If your child is going to be out of class due to injury or illness they must either have a parent note or a medical note from a physician. A parent note will only allow the student to be excused for 2 days, after that it MUST be a medical excuse from a physician. During this time, your child will be given written work to complete in class to make up for the loss of participation points. PLEASE NOTE: If your child is injured or becomes ill during class, it is THEIR responsibility to notify a teacher and tell them if they need to see the school nurse. When a student is unable to participate due to a parent note, medical excuse, or if they are absent, they will not receive participation points for the day and will need to complete a make-up assignment.


    Students will receive a 10 point daily grade.

    4 pts. Dress

    1 pt.   Warm-up

    5 pts. Participation

    The 10 point daily grade makes up 60% of the overall grade.

    The remaining will consist of written tests at the end of each unit (30% of the overall grade)

    and Skills and Physical assessments during the unit (10% of the overall grade).


    Communication – It`s Important!

    If at any point during the school year, you have a question regarding your child and his or her physical education class; it would be greatly appreciated if you would PLEASE CALL HIS OR HER TEACHER. We will try to communicate with you on a regular basis.  We look forward to a fun and exciting year in all our physical education classes. Our plan is to bring success to each of our students!