• G.O.A.L. is a Secondary Alternative Learning Program

    The G.O.A.L. Program is primarily a web-based alternative program that is centered in five District 308 classrooms.  The G.O.A.L. Program serves junior high and high schools within District 308.  The G.O.A.L. program typically serves 60 students at one time, with students having the opportunity to graduate and/or transition back to their high schools.  Throughout the year, the G.O.A.L. Program will usually have more than 100 students benefit from alternative learning.  The G.O.A.L. Program serves our most vulnerable students throughout the district.  Students work independently on a computer to complete their course work, which is also supplemented with bookwork and direct instruction courses.  A teacher supervises each classroom and assists students through their coursework and the learning process.  The G.O.A.L. program uses a student-centered, strength-based approach.  It is the philosophy of the program that small classrooms and one teacher for every 18 students facilitates student success and engagement in the education process. The program also has a full-time social worker to support students throughout the day, along with 2 teaching assistants, a dean's assistant, and a program administrator.  Information regarding certified staff can be found under the staff icon on the home page of the school website.