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    Welcome to Modern World History!  Leonardo da Vinci, Martin Luther, Christopher Columbus, Queen Elizaberh, Adolf Hitler, to list a few, are some of the names that many of us have heard of. But what do we know about them? Travel back in time to see what made these people such iconic figures and how they impacted the world in which we live! We all have a common past that we share which begins with the emergence of the human species. During this course we will be studying man’s journey throughout time and his transition from the Middle Ages through the Cold War.  

    Why study Modern World History? The world we live in today comes from this time period from 362 A.D. to present day. This is the period when civilizations shaped all subsequent eras of history; specifically the 20th century. Many of the world’s most fundamental inventions, discoveries, institutions, and techniques developed during this time period, as well as values that continue to influence our lives today.  “History is where the past comes to life” and where we are supposed to learn from the past eras and events. 


    You will earn points toward your grade in a variety of ways:

    1.     Formative Assessments             40% = Formative Assessments

         > In-Class Activities / Homework / Mini Writings

           Mini Projects / Bellwork

    2.     Summative Assessments             50% = Summative Assessments

           > Quizzes / Tests / Performance Tasks / Projects

           Formal Essays                      

    3.     Midterm Exam / Final Exam        10% = Midterm / Final Exam


    100 – 90 = A     89 – 80 = B       79 – 79 = C       69 – 60 = D       59 or below = F