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  • What about the students who are "higher level" students?

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    The Ready GEN program is a program that is designed to bring all children to a higher standard of learning.  Therefore it  has a high level of text complexity already built into the texts that the children read.  The questions that the children are asked to respond to include a variety of level types and are listed on the Depth of Knowledge scale of anywhere from a level 1 to a level 3 on a daily basis.  In addition the tasks the children are asked to complete are at a higher level.
    So for all children the bar has been raised significantly.
    Now to address your question regarding a child who may be above THAT bar.  Generally speaking using the formative assessments we find that children excel at some standards but need remediation for others.  If your child meets the standards on a given day and we find that through the daily assessment, there is an extension activity each day for him to complete in class.
    Let me try to make this more clear.  We may  work on a skill, compare and contrast for example.  If we assess that skill and find that on Monday 5 kids don't do well on it and 20 do well.  That same day, 5 kids will receive remediation for compare and contrast.  The other 20 will receive an extension activity regarding comparing and contrasting.  It might be to compare and contrast 3 characters rather than 2.  It might be to elaborate as to why they are the same or different.  Either way, extension activities are built into the program daily for students who have mastered the skill or strategy assessed that day.
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  • Can you explain the High Frequency Words?

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    Sure!  The high frequency words are words that the students are expected to read with automaticity.  That means we want the students to read the words within 3 seconds of seeing the word and without sounding them out.  When you look at our word lists you will see 6 columns of words.  Lists A and B are kindergarten words and are expected to be mastered by the end of kindergarten.  Lists C and D are first grade words and lists E and F are second grade words. 


    However, these lists are not only for K-2 students.  For example, if you have a third grader you may want them to read the lists to you to make sure they know the words.  There could be some words they don't know due to this being a new program.  In addition, not all first graders will already know A and B so you may want to look back and see what your child knows.


    If you find your child needs help with words, flash cards are a great way to practice high frequency words.  Write the words your child is struggling with on flash cards and practice them for no more than 5 minutes at a time several times a day.  Soon your child will know all of the words on his lists!!!

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  • Where can I go to get more informaton on what my child is learning?

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    A great place to start is the district website. 


    2.  District Departments

    3.  Teaching and Learning

    4.  Program Directory

    5.  Elementary Education

    6.  Your child's grade level

    7.  English Language Arts (ELA) or Literacy


    On this site you can find high frequency word lists if they apply to your child.  You can also find the Ready GEN Scope and Sequence as well as the District Curriculum Unit Guide for your child's grade level.  The Scope and Sequence is handy because you can find the standards that are being taught and assessed (tested) within each unit and module of Ready GEN.  Therefore you can see what your child is learning and when.

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  • Why was Ready Gen chosen as our reading program?

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    Ready GEN was selected by a committee of 100+ teachers and other professionals from a variety of grade levels, experiences, and roles throughout of the district.  Several resources were examined and two were chosen to pilot in classrooms throughout the district for extended amounts of time last year.  In the end, Ready GEN was found to be the most comprehensive resource that would meet the needs of our diverse and growing district.

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