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     Procedures for Injured Students

    Procedure for Injured Student - If a student requires stitches, a brace, cast, sling or crutches, the doctor must write a physical education/recess/athletics excuse that includes beginning/end dates, as well as specific activities in which a student may participate (if any). All physical education/athletic notes must indicate when the student may return to physical education/athletics without the use of rigid splints/braces. If the note states “until further notice,” a follow-up note from the physician must be received by the nurse within four (4) weeks, stating the progress of the student, or giving the reevaluation date. Restrictions cannot continue for extended periods of time without a periodic physician’s note. A parent/guardian note will be accepted for three (3) consecutive days if a student needs to be excused from physical education. An extension on a parent/guardian note will not be accepted. If a student needs to be excused from physical education for more than three days, a doctor’s note is required. If a pattern is noted in receiving parent/guardian notes (certain days of the week or month) a doctor’s note may be required to excuse the student. When a student cannot participate in physical education, he/she cannot participate in indoor or outdoor recess or athletics (Spirit Squad, cheerleading, intramurals, after school sports, etc…). The student may be assigned to an alternate location during physical education/recess. This is for the student’s safety, to protect him/her from accidental injury. If the student has a current physical education/recess restriction and is planning to participate in a field trip involving physical activity (i.e. extended periods of walking, hiking on uneven or rough terrain, etc.) or a “Field Day” at school, an event-specific doctor’s release is required for the student to participate. It is the parent’s responsibility to furnish any equipment that may be needed for the student to participate, i.e. wheelchair or crutches.