• While our school district uses the My Math curriculum, you'll find this page helpful!!
    What Math topics will be explored in 4th grade?
    First Trimester: Place Value (to the millions), Addition & Subtraction (3-digit numbers), Basics of Multiplication and Division,  Multiplying One-digit Numbers, Multiplying two-digit and three-digit numbers
    Second Trimester: Long Division with One-digit Numbers, Patterns & Sequences, Understanding Fractions, Adding and Subtracting Fractions and Mixed Numbers
    Third Trimester:  Fractions Related to Decimals, Metric & Customary Measurement, Perimeter & Area, Geometry 
    Besides what we do in class, how can I get more practice to do well in Math?
    Know your facts! It is essential to know all addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts, and to be able to recite them with automaticity. Without those facts, computation mistakes can be made, and you can end up with a very different answer.  If you know your facts, you can focus on the harder concepts! Reflex Math, Xtra Math, Math Academy and Math Drills are great apps for any phone or tablet to help with practicing your basic math facts!
    I already know my facts. What else can I do?
    Word problems! Those tend to be tricky for many students. Have mom or dad give you a problem to solve. Dissect the words to figure out the operations needed. Figure out one operation at a time, working from the beginning of the problem to the end. Use the Prodigy or Math Playground websites to find more word problem practice. Here's an example of word problems we are typically solving by November.
    Eddy’s photo album has 12 pages. Each page holds 6 pictures. Eddy has put 25 pictures in the album. How many more pictures will fit in the album?
    Answer: (6 x 12) - 25 = p; p =  47 more pictures that can fit in the album. 
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