• Dear Parent/Guardian:


    It is that time of year again to start enrolling in our after school/summer driver education classes.  We are allowing students who will turn 15 by Feb 28th 2018 to enroll in these courses.  By enrolling in one of the summer sections your student will be able to test for their driver license close to their 16th birthday.  Students can do this by meeting the state requirement of passing the classroom and behind the wheel portion of Driver Education.


    Based on your student’s birthday (Turning 15 on or before February 28, 2017) they are eligible to sign up for summer driver education at Oswego East High School.  Your student will have the opportunity to sign up for one of four sections during course selection this year.  Students will reserve their spot at that time and have 2 weeks to pay for the course.  A check may be made out to OEHS for $250 and brought to student services to confirm their spot.  This is the required school fee for the course. The student will also need to know what section they are going to be able to take.   The behind the wheel (BTW) portion will be scheduled with your student during the class.  BTW consists of 6 hours of driving with a certified instructor.  These hours will be scheduled before or during summer break, and will be completed by August 31st.  Sign up is on a first come first serve basis.  The following are the dates and times of the sections.



    Section 1:  March 12th- April 19th (19 class days testing days are included)

                      Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday @ 2:45-4:45

                      Wednesday @ 3:45-5:45

                            No class spring break

                            Class will meet directly after school on shortened school days.


    Section 2: April 23rd - May 23rd (19 class days) 

                     Monday, Tuesday, Thursday @ 2:45-4:45

                     Wednesday @ 3:45-5:45

                            Class will meet directly after school on shortened school days.


    Section 3: May 29th - June 28th (19class days)

                     Monday-Thursday 8:00-10:00



    Section 4:  May 29th -June 28th (19 class days)

                     Monday-Thursday 10:30- 12:30





    Classroom attendance is extremely important!  Students are only allowed to miss THREE classes before being dropped from the course without a refund of the class fee.  Dropping of the class will occur on the FOURTH absence.  Students will be dropped with a failing grade if a student misses three of the behind the wheel drives.



    Please note that students will be taking a driving permit test the first few days of class.  The link below is the Rules of the Road book that the test is based off of.  You may also pick a hard copy up at a local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).  There is a $20 fee for the permit that is paid to the Secretary of State.  This form will be filled out during the class and printed out and sent home for you to sign.  It must be returned immediately so we can have it processed with the state so your student can obtain their driving permit once they pass the written and vision test.


    Students receive their driving permit through the school.  Over the past year we have gone to an electronic system with permits with the State of Illinois, and due to this we do our permit testing in conjunction with our class, not before. 




    Your student is also responsible for remembering what session they are enrolled in.  There will not be another mailing or reminder of this sent to the student.


    Any questions please feel free to contact Laura Nussle at lnussle@sd308.org or at 630-636-2252.  We look forward to teaching your student to drive!






    Oswego East

    Driver Education Department