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    AVID stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID).  It is a globally recognized curriculum designed to close the achievement gap by helping students succeed in high school and college (also see www.avid.org). 

    AVID Students commit themselves to improvement and college preparation through a rigorous curriculum in academic survival skills (a.k.a; "how to do school"). Students are taught how to:
    • Set goals and WORK HARD!
    • Stay organized and manage time
    • Take focused notes, collaborate, and study with others
    • Read, think, question, and inquire critically
    • Write to learn and practice writing
    Students participate in weekly socratic seminars called Tutorials, led by adult tutors.  All participants are expected to use skillful questioning to develop a higher level of critical thinking via the socratic method. AVID students also receive individual mentoring from Plank AVID Site Team members. 

    What AVID is . . .

    • a challenge to WORK HARD, stay academically focused and organized.
    • an in-school curriculum that prepares students for high school, college, and life success.
    • a placement of academically middle to upper-middle students in honors-level classes with additional support.
    • a target for students in the middle who are currently getting B's, C's, and maybe even a D with average to above-average STAR test scores.
    • a potential to level the playing field for low-income, minority, and other students without a college-going tradition in their families.
    • instruction in WICOR strategies and disciplines that can be implemented school and district-wide.

    What AVID is not . . .

    • a free ride or easy "A".
    • a shallow curriculum that will not challenge the student.
    • a remedial or dynamics program



    Grades are calculated based on your percentage of total possible points for the semester.  Each assignment has a total possible points.  Assignments with the most possible points count more than assignments with a smaller number of possible points.  No one assignment category (e.g., Performance, Classwork, etc.) has a greater weight then another category, although Performance assignment tend to have a greater number of possible points associated with them.  There are NO penalties for late assignments. Grades are posted regularly on the district Home Access system and a student can ask for their current grade at any time. The grading system is as follows:

    District 308 Grading Scale:

    A = 100 - 90%, B = 89 – 80%, C = 79 – 70%, D = 69 – 60%, F = 59% or below


    Plank AVID Site Team

    In addition to AVID student selection, the site team meets regularly throughout the school year to review AVID goals and objectives.  The team serves as a conduit to implementation of AVID school-wide:  
    Tyler Haymond - Plank Jr. High Principal
    Marcus Lewis - Plank Jr. High Assistant Principal
    Caitlin Gannon - Plank Guidance Counselor and AVID Site Team Coordinator
    Stan Brown - 6th thru 8th Grade Technology and AVID Elective Teacher
    Katherine Barry - 7th Grade World History and Honors World History Teacher 
    Hana Bridge - 6th and 7th Grade Science Teacher
    Sandra Campanaro - 8 Grade Language Arts and Pre-AP English Teacher 
    Jim Johnson - 8th Grade Honors U.S. History 
    John Tamez - 7th Grade Math Teacher
    Donna Thill - 6th Grade Social Studies Teacher