Social Studies (K-5)

  • The Illinois Social Science Standards were approved January 2016 with a focus on the following six themes for elementary: 

    • Kindergarten: My Social World
    • First Grade: Living, Learning, and Working Together
    • Second Grade: Families, Neighborhoods, and Communities
    • Third Grade: Communities Near and Far
    • Fourth Grade: Our State, Our Nation
    • Fifth Grade: Our Nation, Our World

    For more information about the Illinois Social Science Standards visit:

  • Social Studies Curriculum

    The K-5 social studies curriculum is designed to develop a child's awareness of their place and relationship to the world around him/her.  Children explore their sense of self and how they relate to people and places in their life. The resource utilized for our social studies curriculum is Houghton-Mifflin Social Studies. 


    • Culture: Families and Friends
    • Geography and Economics: A Big Wide World
    • History: Long Ago and Today
    • Citizenship: Our Country, It's a Great Place

    First Grade:

    • Holidays and Traditions
    • People Everywhere
    • Where We Live
    • World of Work 
    • Everything Changes
    • Good Citizens

    Second Grade: 

    • History
    • Government
    • Communities
    • Goods and Services 

    Third Grade:

    • Communities
    • Map Skills
    • Illinois History
    • Branches of Government
    • States and Regions of the United States

    Fourth Grade: 

    • Our Land and First People
    • Exploration and Settlement
    • The English Colonies
    • The American Revolution
    • The New Nation

    Fifth Grade:

    • A Growing Nation
    • Causes of the Civil War
    • Civil War and Reconstruction
    • Changes on the Plains
    • Big Business and Big Cities
    • A New Role for America: WWI
    • The 1920s and 1930s
    • A Time of Conflict: WWII
    • 1950s and 1960s 
    • Our Nation and the World