English-Language Arts (K-5)

  • ReadyGEN:

    School District 308 adopted our primary resource ReadyGEN by Pearson for implementation in 2015-16. ReadyGEN provides an engaging and challenging program for our elementary students. It is an integrated reading and writing program that accelerates learning for all by presenting modeled reading experience with authentic text. Students engage in practice, build motivation, and improve their reading and writing stamina.  To learn more about ReadyGEN visit: Pearson ReadyGEN

    ReadyGEN Logo   

  • Digital Access:

    Pearson EasyBridge Plus Logo

    Each student has access to digital resources provided by ReadyGEN from anywhere there is a device and internet connection. To login:

    1. Visit google.drive.com. Students login using their login credentials given to them by their classroom teacher.  
    2. Open the google apps in the upper right corner of the website.  
    3. Scroll through the apps to the third section.  You may need to click more to get to the section.
    4. Click the Pearson Easy Bridge App. 
    5. A new window will open and you will be logged in to Realize.
  • Illinois English-Language Arts Learning Standards:

    English-Language Arts (ELA) is composed of several interrated areas: reading, writing, listening, speaking, and vocabulary.  Our ELA curriculum is aligned to the Illinois English-Language Arts Learning Standards.  To learn more about these standards visit: Illinois State Board of Education English-Language Arts.

  • English-Language Arts State Assessment:

    The Illinois English-Language Arts Learning Standards are assessed on an annual basis with the required state asessment Partnership for Assessment for College and Careers (PARCC) in grades three through eight. To learn more about PARCC visit: PARCC Assessment Parent Resources